A Potential Parade to get out of School? Sign me up! A World Series guide for sports dummies between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros

By PJ Chandra

“Altuvayyyy. Sends the Astros... to the World Series!” Joe Buck, who will be commentating his 20th straight World Series, yells in his microphone on FS1 while 35,000+ fans scream their heads off in Minute Maid Park as Jose Altuve hits a walk off homerun to send the Astros to their second World Series in three years.  “Robles will squeeze it….and there it is! The Washington Nationals are National League Champions!” cries Brian Anderson on TBS while commentating a four-game sweep by the Washington Nationals of the St. Louis Cardinals, sending the Nats to their first World Series ever and the first Washington team since 1933.


So yes while there is an impeachment inquiry going on, a mess in the middle east, an important presidential election next year, and so much more happening in DC, sports should take central importance while DC goes for its second championship in two years (Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018). Thank goodness it’s not a snobby New York team that’s winning (Fact of the day: This is the first decade in 100 years  (ten decades) that the Yankees have not had a world series trip.


Here are three things to watch during the 2019 World Series matchup between the Houston Astros and the hometown Washington Nationals!


The elite pitching matchups

Max Scherzer vs. Gerrit Cole. Stephen Strasburg vs. Justin Verlander. Patrick Corbin vs. Zack Greinke. These are some of the most heavyweight pitching matchups in at least 18 years since The Fall Classic featured Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and Andy Pettite. 


For, uh, non-sports fans: Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. moderates. Democrats vs. The Electoral College.


This matchup is juicy and a lot of times in the postseason, managers will rely on their bullpen to win them games, but AJ Hinch and Dave Martinez (manager of the Astros and Nationals respectively) will be relying on their starting pitching to carry them. 


Slowing down the big bats and the hot hands.

Jose Altuve. George Springer. Juan Soto. Howie Kendrick. These are some of the most talented and best players in the world series playing efficient baseball all with a high OPS, high AVG, great gloves in the field, and amazing personalities in the clubhouse. 

For non baseball people...Bernie Sanders. Nancy Pelosi. Dan Crenshaw. John Kasich. Superstars who open up and talk about different and unique ideas and are (mostly) well respected by everyone and these people are either current stars that each ‘team’ likes and needs or young, up and coming stars. 


Managing the Pen

Think managing a government shutdown is hard? You think it’s hard for politicians to decide when to drop out of a race or decide not to run for an election? Try being an MLB manager in the world series deciding when to yank their top starters whose combined value in this World Series is well over $700 million.


With relievers like Roberto Osuna, Josh James, Sean Doolittle, and Daniel Hudson, not only will when to use these guys be important, but for how many innings, what games, and which batters to face will be crucial.


Game 1 was last night, but you can go to the park for games 3-5 (tickets are really expensive, but if you go, have fun and send pics!) (Game 2, 6, and 7 you can go to Nats park for FREE and watch the games on the jumbotron in the stadium. Get free tickets for that here.


Thank goodness the obnoxious Yankees aren’t in it, and a title to DC will account for a parade which hopefully they will cancel school for it so enjoy the series and even though the Red Sox aren’t in it this year (Grrrr Dave Dombrowski), go Nats!


Prediction: Astros in 6

MVP Prediction: Alex Bregman


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