A Walk Down Memory Lane

By Joey Krassner

As a sophomore living on East Campus, I’m glad to say that I no longer have to walk from my classes thinking about whether or not mice have infiltrated my room (this happened twice and I’m pretty sure it was the same mouse). Either way, those who have the privilege of living either off campus or in non-freshman dorms (not including Hughes, McDowell, and Leonard) get to enjoy many luxuries that make being a college student more enjoyable. I personally love the fact that my dorm has its own bathroom for two main reasons; one being that my room was roughly a mile away from the bathroom and the other reason being that I’m tired of watching other freshmen puke into the toilet while I’m trying to brush my teeth. Regardless of the different freshman experiences we hear from our friends, I thought it might be interesting to head back to Anderson and see my old room for old times’ sake.


I headed over on a Sunday evening, so it was safe to say that the odds of seeing drunk freshmen were slim to none. Walking to Anderson at night reminded me of all the times I’d walk back late at night from the library questioning the paper I had written along with my sanity, which funny enough isn’t much different from life now, only now I walk the opposite way to East Campus. Two of my friends, all of whom lived on the same floor, sang weird songs to try and make the experience even more uncomfortable after I asked them to come back with me. Strength in numbers right? 


After finessing our way in and onto our floor, we all collectively made some interesting observations. The halls felt smaller, the doors shorter. Everything was smaller. It’s important to note that I’m not a very big guy, so this unnerved me. In addition, we all felt a certain way after seeing a different floor theme than the one we had always seen while walking back to our rooms. 

Anyways, the long walk to my old room felt even longer with all the nostalgia running through my head. I started remembering all the interesting memories I had on my floor and I even caught myself staring fondly at doors that once belonged to my current friends. Ah the memories! Good or bad, it’s always fun to look back at how weird things were back then.


I arrived at my door and only saw one name, so my friends and I briefly debated over whether or not my room had been converted into a single. After knocking, only one person, who we’ll name John, answered the door (sorry for interrupting your call) and was very open to talking about his situation and how the dynamics worked on his floor with the current freshmen. He elaborated on what I would describe as one of the worst move in situations ever by telling us that his old roommate was pretty much the canon of a bad roommate. Though he enjoys the luxury of living alone at the moment, he described his frustrations with the RA for failing to disclose the fact that his roommate would be moving out. So far his situation has not been the greatest, with all the drama centered around his old roommate, however, things seem to be looking up for him. 


Our floor last year was extremely tight with one another and by the time the school year ended, most of my friends were those that had previously lived on the same floor as myself. With this in mind, I was extremely upset when John informed that my old floor lacked the extreme closeness we all used to have. Forcing a floor to get along is always difficult, however, John seemed to indicate that there was basically no friend groups on his floor with the exception of one or two small groups. John cited this as the failure of the RAs to truly connect the floor and while this is true to some extent, at the end of the day, for comradery to exist people must be willing to interact and socialize with other people. I’m sure that at least some people on his floor were friends during welcome week, but with classes starting and students starting to interact with people in their classes, these original friend groups were bound to fall apart.


Regardless of how each individual experience goes, I was pleasantly surprised with my interaction with John. His willingness to talk to a random stranger who claimed to have lived in the room he currently lives in is honestly captures the essence of freshmen and their interest in engaging with university life. John, I hope you have an amazing freshmen experience and I wish you the best of luck. I hope that your new roommate isn’t any bit as awful as your last one. Also please take my advice on preventing mice from getting into your room. You’re going to need it.  


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