Your Go-To Guide for Back-To-School Photoshoot Hotspots at AU  

By Anna Grace Johnson

Impromptu photoshoot? Yes, please! These campus hotspots are bound to provide you with a scenic, school-spirited camera roll.


What better way to get back into the school spirit than having an impromptu photoshoot? Listed below are the prime locations for a back-to-school photoshoot that will display the beauty AU’s campus has to offer. To enhance the quality of your photos, download Photoshop Lightroom and PicsArt for free on your phone. Check out my articles on how to use PicsArt here and how to use Lightroom here.


“American University” Ward Circle Sign

This iconic sign situated on the Kerwin Hall side of Ward Circle provides for the perfect backdrop of a back-to-school photo. Sit on it, stand on it, whatever you please, as you exude your school spirit. Not only does this sign provide for versatile poses, but it also provides for a beautifully-lit photo as it is situated in the shade with greenery surrounding it.


The Amphitheatre

Bask in the lush greenery of the amphitheater as you stroll through the pathways with your backpack in toll to capture the natural ambiance of our campus. Pose on the steps, get a walking action shot with friends on the pathways, or dance the night away on the stage. This location shoots best in the morning or evening, allowing you to avoid the harsh sunlight.


Bender Arena Parking Lot Rooftop

Your picture-perfect sunset awaits you at the top of the Bender Arena Parking Lot. This is the perfect place to escape the chaos of school and immerse yourself in the sunsets and sunrises of DC. The sun will be rising between 6:30 and 6:40 am this week and setting between  7:30 to 8 pm. The sunrises and sunsets are also viewable from the rooftop of the College of Arts and Sciences and the lookout at Katzen. 


The Quad

It’s finally quadding season, and as you may know, quadding and photoshoots go hand in hand due to the scenic relaxation offered and the endless photo opportunities. Grab a blanket and stake out a place on the quad to create the ideal photo set up - a picnic, studying, laughing with friends, you name it. Any photo taken on the quad is guaranteed to garner a great response. 


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