Beauty Products Rundown

By Ella Seltzer

After a year of TheMove, I felt like the fashion section just couldn't be complete without a beauty section! With this week’s piece, we are now officially the fashion AND beauty Move! So with that, I thought the best way to kickoff this new section was with a “best of” review breakdown for some of my favorite products. 


I decided it was only fitting to start this beauty review off with my absolute favorite beauty product, mascara! My eyelashes are my pride and joy, so I am always on the hunt for a mascara that makes them look as long and curled as possible. Besides having a good eyelash curler, I always look for a good curled, or thick wand in any mascara I buy, to avoid having those clumpy and straight out eyelashes. Right now, my absolute favorite mascara is Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara. This vegan and cruelty-free mascara is amazing for getting long, voluminous lashes, without any clumping. Another fun thing about this mascara is that it’s made with CBD oil, so not only does it help for a great texture, but you get to say you have CBD in your mascara! The oil actually does make such a noticeable difference in how the mascara feels on your lashes. No matter how much you coat them with, when you touch your lashes it feels like there’s nothing on them, nothing like that normal heavy, crusty feeling most mascaras leave. Ever since I first tried this product, I’ve never even thought of changing my mascara, this is truly one of my favorites I’ve used.


The second of my two daily makeup products I use is for filling my eyebrows. My poor eyebrows have had the misfortune of being aggressively overplucked in my middle school days, and only marginally recovered. As such, I always lightly fill them in with Benefit’s amazing brow products. I use their Gimme Brow, which is a colored, volumizing gel that fills in and shapes all with the tiny little brush. It has the perfect amount of color, with eight options to choose from, so it works as well as a traditional eyebrow pencil, but looks so much more natural and soft. I combine the Gimme Brow, with another great brow product from them, the 3D Browtones enhancer. This soft brow gel works as a tinting highlight for the top of a colored brow pencil or gel, to volumize and lighten your brows to make the color look natural. With natural and colorful shades, this brow eyebrow enhancing gel is the perfect product to tint and soften your dark brow filling. 


Beyond this assortment of products, I can’t really say I have much more makeup expertise for a daily basis type look, but my minimal makeup works for me!


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