Bethesda Bagels

Bethesda, MD

As you all must have figured out by now… Sunday morning breakfast DC involves a 45 minute wait. We didn’t feel like waiting this time, so we made the executive decision to venture out to find the closest NY bagel, which according to the internet are at Bethesda Bagels, so we decided to check it out. We’re so glad we did.

If you’re looking for a low key, but hopping bagel shop and take 2 metro stops out to Bethesda, you won’t regret it.

The Washington Post named Bethesda Bagels as the best place for lox in DC. Z decided to take the challenge and see what the hype was about. If they’re good enough for billionaire Jeff Bezos, they can’t be too shabby. Feeling guilty ahead of Yom Kippur, A got the bacon, egg and cheese without the bacon.

If you’re from New Jersey or New York like us (aka 99.999% of our AU readership) this place will not disappoint. Everything from the pushy guy at the cash register to the seasoning on the everything bagels gave us a true taste of home.

Pro tip: Bethesda Bagels is a bit hectic, so take your food to go and then eat at Quartermaine Coffee Roasters a dope local cafe next door.

Definitely, recommend for all those bagel and coffee lovers to try these two hot spots. Gives you a good opportunity to get out of DC… something Z hadn’t done yet. 


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