This week we checked out Bibiana, a sleek Italian restaurant right by the White House. One of DC’s most famous restaurants, we were eager to check out a place the always makes the shortlist of the top places to eat in town.

With a diverse menu with regional Italian influences, Bibiana offers you a chance to go outside your comfort zone.

We started out with a cheese plate, which included a terrific selection of cheese varieties. The one we ordered came with a variety of semi-soft, hard, and triple cream cheeses. One of the best parts was that this was a pretty generous portion, not giving the usually miniature pieces of cheese but enough for us all to have some. Pairing the cheese with Bibiana’s fresh baked bread was an awesome combination and we can’t recommend it enough.

We also loved the Fritto Misto, Bibiana’s awesome take on traditional calamari. The friend buttermilk poached seafood, topped with a caramelized lemon and marinara sauce was perfection. We’ve never had calamari so fresh!

For entrees, we couldn’t pass up on Bibiana’s homemade pasta.

We ordered the Cacio e Pepe pasta, which came with a creamy and rich pecorino cheese sauce. We also got the Tagliatelle pasta, with a mixture of the beef, pork, and veal bolognese made for the perfect savory dish by blending the rich meat taste with the freshly made pasta.

We can’t speak highly enough about how good the homemade pasta is at Bibiana!

For dessert, we ventured outside of our comfort zone and ordered the savory fig and goat cheese tart. With a beautiful presentation, this unique dessert had so many flavors, tasting both light and rich with its sweet-savory mix. We also got the Torta Di Ricotta, which consisted of an Italian blueberry and ricotta cheesecake laying in a pool on honeycomb mixed berry sauce. The savory taste of the cheesecake mixed with the pungent, freshly-made taste of the berry sauce made for the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

All in all, we can’t recommend Bibiana enough. It should totally be on the top of your list if you’re looking for a nicer, more upscale place. We can’t wait to go back again!


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