Sorority Style 

By Ella Seltzer

Note: Please, no one take offense at this. I am just satirically mocking organizations I am not a part of. 


With the start of Spring semester comes new classes, new activities, and for the 300 screaming girls in the Hughes formal lounge: sorority rush reason. For all the eager, energetic freshmen and sophomores, this one short weekend is the moment they’ve been waiting for all first semester: to finally get a Big that will get them actually invited to things. With all the layers of makeup and carefully curated decorations comes the much-awaited bid night theme and party. So of course, the only way to fully celebrate bid night in all of its glory is through a million pictures filling everyone’s timeline. So it’s with these groups of girls all wearing a similar version of each other's outfits that constitutes the pinnacle of sorority style: bid night outfits. 


With the insane amount of social media posts during recruitment season, anyone who isn’t actually in a sorority feels almost as if they themselves were a part of one, just by the ceaseless stream photo stream of literally every moment of rush. What I always make a point of noticing in every one of these laughable selfies, sisterhood pics, or poses in front of their letters, is the hilariously coordinated outfits. 


As someone who is not actually involved in greek life, I cannot speak to the process behind any of this, but I would love to hear the conversations held to decide exactly what the right shade of denim is for everyone to pair with their classic sorority tee. So, pair the perfectly curated light-denim jeans/white trendy sneakers/pop of color shirt, with the also somehow coordinated big greek letters, it makes for a 10/10 insta worthy photoshoot to remind anyone who forgot, that you are in a sorority! What better way to show off the impeccably in-synch outfits than by having different girls all make the same pose in front of the letters, giving your followers an ever-so-slightly different version of the same picture all the way down their insta feed. 


After several days of this matching outfit-matching pose set up, the collective climax of sorority style rears its head at bid night. When I close my eyes and envision a real-life nightmare, the mass rush girls storming in matching outfits to celebrate the new members is what comes to mind. 


I don’t know if its an adrenaline rush that comes from having yet another new event t-shirt on, but the insane volume these girls can get to, all while wearing themed outfits is so astounding to me that I literally sat outside of the gym on bid night to hear all the screaming and songs. As for the fashion of the evening, or lack thereof, I always wonder how the planning process goes for what to wear to these bid nights as a PNM, when you are blindly getting dressed for who knows what kind of bid night shirt. Nothing stands out more than the one girl who picked the wrong style or color of jeans to wear that is the most unfortunate clash with the brand new bid shirt she received. The best part of this whole night for a non-greek affiliated observer is the guessing game of what the actual intended title is for a bid night theme, beyond my initial guess of random nouns like: candy? food? sports? rainbow? No matter the theme or how coordinated the group outfits might be, at the end of the day it is one more themed sorority shirt in the astoundingly large collection of poorly designed shirts to be cut up, passed down, or just never worn again. 


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