Buffalo Exchange Will Save Your Life

Now that the insane stress of securing a ticket for Founders is finally over (sorry @ whoever still couldn't get one), the big worry for so many people is finding what the hell to wear. For everyone who is sick of re-wearing their prom dress for every formal college event, the panic is over what to wear and where to find it. Luckily, for those of you in this same position, I spent this week out hunting for the best place to find a dress for Founders, but more importantly, somewhere cheap, close, and easy. Buffalo Exchange is one of the best, and well-known, consignment stores in DC and in the U.S.! A nice but slightly long walk from the Dupont metro stop, Buffalo Exchange is right on 14th street in a cute little area san any construction unlike our entire campus and seemingly all of DC. Started by a married couple in 1974, this trendy consignment store is now celebrating their 45th year in business! With 48 stores across 19 different states, you can count on this being your go-to consignment shop beyond just DC. Even more than being one of the best places for some last minute Founders finds, Buffalo Exchange is great to sell a bunch of your old clothes when you realize no sophomore dorm will ever have as much storage space as the freshmen dorms. I had been hearing a ton about this place and as a huge fan of consignment store hunting, I had to check it out for myself. When I got there, it was SO insanely crowded, it looked like Einstein’s during a breakfast rush. After finally pushing past the crowds of people selling, shopping and buying, I was able to make my way over to the dress racks, where I was pleasantly surprised to see multiple racks of great short and long dresses. Unfortunately for the men out there, the Buffalo Exchange location I was at was running low on formal wear for guys, so not recommended for your Founders look. But hey, just re-wear one of your suits from frat initiation or hilltern clothes and you’ll be set. I will say besides that flaw, they did have a great men’s section for everyday clothes, jackets, and shoes. As a shopping addict with literally zero self-control, this was not the best place for me to go because, in the process of checking out the store, I found some insanely cheap deals and I just couldn’t leave without them. As for a Founder’s look, it is the perfect place to find a really nice dress...and the whole outfit to go with it too. With racks and racks of dresses, jackets, and shoes, this place has the amount of options you wish TDR had. I know a lot of people feel chills thinking of wearing re-sold clothes and if you really feel that way, you do you, but the amount of insanely good priced finds at Buffalo Exchange should give you FOMO. Besides having ridiculously great prices, there’s tons of brand-name, new clothes that make you wonder how it ended up in a consignment store. So, for those of you panicking about what to wear and where to shop for Founders, Buffalo Exchange is truly the best place for a great (and college student affordable) outfit.


Since the start of our freshmen year in the fall of 2018, we noticed the social miscommunication among students in the district. Being freshmen in the capital, there are so many things that are offered but no platform that organizes it for college students. After becoming...


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