Code of Ethics


Basic Principles


Telling the truth

  • Be honest, accurate, truthful and fair. Do not distort or fabricate facts, imagery, sound, or data.

  • Provide accurate context for all reporting.

  • Seek out diverse voices that can contribute important perspectives on the subject you’re writing.

  • Ensure that sources are reliable. To the maximum extent possible, make clear to your audience who and what your sources are, what motivations your sources may have and any conditions people have set for giving you information. When unsure of information, leave it out or make clear it has not been corroborated.

  • Correct errors quickly, completely and visibly. Make it easy for your audience to bring errors to your attention.

  • If a report includes criticism of people or organizations, give them the opportunity to respond.

  • Clearly distinguish fact from opinion in all content.

Conflicts of interest

  • Avoid any conflict of interest that undermines your ability to report fairly. Disclose to your audience any unavoidable conflicts or other situational factors that may validly affect their judgment of your credibility.

  • Do not allow people to make you dishonestly skew your reporting. Do not offer to skew your reporting under any circumstances.

  • Do not allow the interests of advertisers or others funding your work to affect the integrity of your journalism.



  • Respect your audience and those you write about. Consider how your work and its permanence may affect the subjects of your reporting, your community and since the Internet knows no boundaries the larger world.​


Online Commenting

  • We do not permit comments on any of our articles.

Writer Ethics


Personal Ethics Statements by Staff

  • ​Our journalists should work precisely to our company ethics and standards

Professional Conduct

  • Don’t plagiarize or violate copyrights.

  • Keep promises to sources, readers and the community.

  • If you belong to a news organization, give all staff expectations, support and tools to maintain ethical standards.

Political Activities by Staff

  • We encourage our journalists to be involved in the community, politics and the issues we cover, but we will disclose these involvements in our coverage.​


  • All material (written, photographic, videographic, or otherwise) is to remain strictly confidential until the scheduled release date and time of the item(s) in question.

  • Releasing information without permission from the founders and editorial director is grounds for termination from the publication.

  • All sources, quotations, and information given from third parties are to be properly attributed and cited as to give credit where applicable.

Social Networks

  • Our journalists are free to express opinions on social media.

Writing and Editing



  • Our staff members should take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of information that we publish and note our sources.

  • We should not publish rumors or other information we have not verified.

Photo and Video

  • When documenting private or traumatic moments, we will seek permission from subjects before shooting photos or video.

  • We will edit or manipulate images only if doing so doesn’t affect the news content of the image or the meaning viewers will make from it.

  • We will use generic photos only when viewers would not expect to see a photo specific to the story (e.g. using a photo of a plane from an airline’s fleet to illustrate the kind of plane that was involved in a crash.)

  • We will use photos or videos from social media even if we cannot fully verify them, pointing out that they could not be verified.

  • When using any photos, generic or personally taken, we will make sure they are clearly labeled as such.

Marketing and Advertising


Clickbait and Metrics

  • We are encouraged to write clever, creative headlines and social media posts that will entice readers to click on our stories, but headlines will not make promises that our stories don’t deliver.

News and Advertising

  • We do not allow advertisements for certain types of products.

  • We do not allow advertisers to have a say in the selection or content of stories and photos.

  • We may accept payment from advertisers to provide stories on a general subject, but they will have no involvement in the content produced.

  • We will allow advertising anywhere on our publication or site.

  • We make it clear when tweets or posts on our social media accounts are linked to advertiser-prepared material.

Gifts, Free Travel and Other Perks

  • Our journalists may accept free travel and other gifts if they are financially essential, but we should disclose those gifts in our reporting.

Prepared using the Online News Association's Build-Your-Own Ethics Code project.

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