Lupo Verde--Italian Perfection on 14th Street 

By Aylon Berger

Before going out to the bars and clubs on 14th Street, Lupo Verde (1401 T St NW) should top your list of restaurants to check out. 


The first thing you notice about Lupo Verde is the charming atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a cozy, brick row house and creates one of the most unique ambiances of any DC restaurant we’ve reviewed. 


Aside from having a great vibe, Lupo Verde delivers on the food. If you’re looking for the best cheese platter in Washington, look no further. Lupo Verde serves up the most amazing, freshest cuts of cheese. The taleggio and burrata were absolutely fantastic and were elevated with a side of focaccia, straight out of the oven. 


At Lupo Verde you can’t go wrong with the fresh pasta. The Tonnarelli cacio & pepe was delightfully creamy and topped with a perfectly tangy pecorino cheese. We also loved the Tonnarelli with pesto so much that we asked for more. The Paccero Campani was also a highlight. It elevated the classic ragu with delicious meat, olive oil and fresh, sweet tomato sauce. 


Other dishes of note included the Bistecca di Manzo, a perfectly juicy take on a classic NY strip steak. The gnocchi was also perfectly cooked and topped with a delightful butternut squash sauce. For dessert, we absolutely loved the Bomboloni. You can’t go wrong with Italian donuts. The dough was perfectly fried and topped with cinnamon sugar and a bed of Nutella. 


We can’t recommend Lupo Verde enough, and can’t wait to return to our new favorite spot on 14th Street. 


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