DC Fashion Week: Fashion At The Aston

By André Angeline

This week, me and fellow TheMove, contributors Ella Seltzer and Joshua Evans, had the privilege to attend DC Fashion Week’s show on Friday at The Aston Martin dealership. Yes, you read that right, at the dealership. I’m a big car guy, so naturally this experience was so much more for me. This show was on Friday, but the fashion week events took up most of the weekend. Let me start out by saying this, is was one of the most over the top, coolest experiences I’ve had in DC.


So, for the opening Friday night fashion show, we made a trip to Tysons. No, not for Tysons Corner Center, definitely not for Tysons Galleria, and not even for the one Taco Bell I’ve found around here (although we did stop there after). We headed over to the ASTON MARTIN dealership that had been converted to a full blown runway fashion show. I’m talking red carpets, photo walls with the sponsors names on such as Bentley, Aston Martin, T-Mobile, an open bar, and of course, a crystal clear runway smack dab in the middle of the dealership’s showroom, where they typically keep their unfashionably expensive cars. While taking this all in, alongside with a nice free glass of bubbly, we headed over to our seats to start watching the show.


First up was none other than the legendary trendy Mom brand themselves, BCBGMAXAZRIA. No, the brand obviously not only for mothers, I just always tend to think of my mom or any other fashionable New York moms when I think of the brand. They showcased their new F/W line, and I nearly lost my mind out of excitement, because the theme was “Bond Girl.” Oh yes, OHHHHH yes. The icon of the brand, Tunisian Fashion King, Max Azria, had sadly passed only a few months ago, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect of the brand and if they could uphold his level of detail in their show. 


But let me tell you, BCBG did not disappoint. The outfits were, pardon my French, badass. The first model, Mary Becelia, came out in a sharply tailored tan Trench Coat with matching heels and oversized sunglasses, and she looked like she was on a mission of some sort. Following that were strong pieces that were a high fashion ode to classic prom and proper work clothes. It reminded me of timeless classical brands such as Burberry. 


Walking to the 2000’s staple masterpiece of a song, Diamonds From Sierra Leone by Kanye West, the mood was set for an ambitious and lively collection. Following many sick coats, bodysuits, and more, it eventually transitioned into a few dresses, and they quite literally bodied it. A shimmering dark gold-bronze dress was so simple and elegant, yet carried some real covert, Bond Girl energy with it as well. The rest of the dresses were done very well, my concern is only that there was practically no jewelry, or it at least wasn’t strong enough to be shown off. There was a necklace I saw on three models that was the same, and other than that, I got nothing. 


If you know me personally, you know I put accessories almost above all as a personal preference. They can make or break an outfit or garment. However in this show, it seemed like there was no effort towards that and that was a little disappointing. Overall however, the show was outstanding and reaffirmed my faith in subtly badass clothing being back again in high fashion. With all of the perks of the event itself, the great job BCBGMAXAZRIA, and the models themselves had done, it was not a night to forget. I didn’t roll out in an Aston Martin, but I did roll out with a new appreciation for the fashion scene the DMV has to offer. 


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