DC Fashion Week: The Play By Play

By Ella Seltzer

So I’m sure you’ve heard of the “big four” fashion weeks: Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Well it’s time for...DC fashion week! Although a less notable week of fashion events, it is no doubt just as thrilling. I can now confirm this, as I have officially joined the category of people who attend fashion week! Honestly, the best part of having my weekend full of fashion week events was getting to tell people that’s where I was going when I had somewhere to go. Thanks to our amazing Move staff and connects, I was lucky enough to be able to attend two fashion events, DCFW’s Opening night, at Aston Martin and Beyond the Little Black Dress, at the French Embassy. Since not everyone had the great fortune of attending these events (I’m still riding out my fashion week ego high) here’s my play by play of all my high fashion events of the weekend.


So the first, and in my opinion best, event I went to was the Fashion at the Aston opening event. First off, getting to go to a fashion show held in the Aston Martin showroom is amazing in and of itself. After the initial amazement at the location and the overall feeling like a celebrity, getting to see the models strut around everyone before the show was a jaw-dropping experience. For me, a highlight was, after fully staring at the most insanely gorgeous model, she turns to me and says, “it’s okay to stare, that’s what I’m here for” and then introduced herself. So yeah, I was starstruck the whole night. 


On to the actual fashion: just as amazing. I will say, the fashion of the actual show was closely rivaled by the fashion of the guests themselves; the cow-print hat and pink Gucci sunglasses was a personal favorite for off the runway. The actual runway fashions though were truly amazing and were amplified by the actual runway, which started with a Bentley and ended with an Aston Martin. The “Bond Girl” BCBG intro was great, with a mix of traditional looks of those style, coupled with a daring flare to amplify these outfits to a good “fashion week boldness.” My favorite look of this collection was the opening one, a belted traditional trench coat that was both sexy and classic. The next collection, which was the main of the show, was just so amazing and breathtaking. One of my favorite parts was the hat and face accessories, adding so much to each outfit with such a daringly elegant vibe. Shoutout to the models and their killer walks, especially how sharp their turns were while wearing a hat or mask that fully obscured their vision. This was a humorous contrast to me throughout the weekend, where I could barely manage to walk five feet in my heels, teetering around these fancy events like a child trying on their parents’ too-big shoes. 


Speaking of my foot and shoe struggles of the weekend, my second fashion night, at the French Embassy, was unfortunately marked by my inability to walk practically anywhere. Shoutout to André for the walking assistance and moral support as I battled my way through the night in heels, post rugby game. Once I took off my shoes, (sorry to all the other Press near me during this) I was able to breathe and focus on the great fashion of the evening. The start of the show, with Le Bustiere lingerie, was amazingly well done and so elegantly sexy. I was in awe of the beauty of both the models and the lingerie, making this the highlight of the show for me by far. Despite this event being very commercial, with lots of references the sponsors of the event, the overall presentation from those sponsors made this such an incredibly designed event. 


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