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This week we decided to take on a daunting challenge: finding DC’s best donuts. With the help of Andrew McCarthy and Emily Lytle, we decided to hit up DD. And no, we’re not talking about the gross Dunkin Donuts in Tenley. We’re talking about District Doughnuts, The District’s boutique doughnut shop with locations at Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and the Wharf. 


Over the past few years, D.C. has gone crazy over the national cupcake craze and our city is teeming with cupcake places. District Doughnuts improves upon the traditional doughnut and adds some much-needed variety to the dessert scene in town.

We checked out the Wharf location and were impressed by the sleek, compact store, complete with stunning river views. Unlike Georgetown Cupcake, we did not have to wait for over 30 minutes, we were serviced within two minutes. 

With all the doughnut laid out in front of you—we like to call it chipotle style—you get to actually see all the amazing flavors they have.


By first look, we picked out the four best and distinct famous donuts: Milk Chocolate Glazed Donut (Vanilla bean dough, milk chocolate glaze, chocolate pearls), Everything Cream Cheese Donut (whipped chive onion cream cheese inside, everything bagel seasoning on top), Pumpkin Spice Latte Creme Brulee Donut (pumpkin dough, pumpkin pie filling, caramelized sugar) and the limited edition Apple Cider Donut. 


Is it a rainy morning? Do you have a craving for something sweet? District Doughnuts delivers! Just go head over to their website and select the donuts that you want. Best part about it, the donuts are less than $3.00.


With all these options and more, make sure you hurry over because District Doughnuts is constantly rotating flavors and changing its menu. We highly recommend this spot, it's totally worth your while.


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