The Dominance of AU Wrestling

What’s good AU Eagles, let’s show some love for wrestling this week! I’m not inspired to write this article because anyone on the wrestling team could snap me like a toothpick, but rather because AU wrestling has been a premier program in the nation and one of the most successful in AU’s history. The story of wrestling’s success started about twelve years ago, when a 197-pound stud named Josh Glenn won AU’s first and only Division I national championship. It’s been domination ever since.


I recently sat down with Ben Root and Michael Lewis, both freshman in the wrestling program, and talked to them about their passion for wrestling, what made them choose to wrestle at AU, and what they want the student body to know about their sport. The full interview can be found here.

According to Ben and Michael, a strong focus on academics distinguishes the AU wrestling program and contributes to its success. According to them, it allows the sport to have an emphasis on technique and not getting caught up in the party scene and nightlife.


Also, interesting tidbit: the wrestling team traveled to Wyoming for a quad meet earlier this year (proof Wyoming actually exists? I don’t know, but you decide). The quad meet with the University of Wyoming, UNC, and Army is a good mid-season test that gets them ready for the conference meetings, Mikey says.

All AU wrestlers put in the work to make this program what it is today. A normal day for them starts at around 6:00 AM for their morning lifts, then classes, then rehab. I know for sure I’m too lazy to do that. All wrestlers cannot stress enough that the work they put in and the excitement of the sport translates to a good time for any spectator. After all, Ben said it best: “We’re throwing kids around, picking them up and throwing them. You know, its21st century gladiator.” 

Mark your calendars for February 15th and join me in watching AU continue its domination when they take on George Mason in Bender.


Click here to check out the full interview with Ben Root and Michael Lewis.


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