Do’s and Dont’s of going to a Stadium for a Sporting Event

By PJ Chandra

“Free hat sir!”

“Free hat?” 

I stopped and stared at my friends Joe and Cam. 

“I would love a free hat,” I exclaimed as I took a Washington Nationals hat from the man’s hand.

“Thank you so much. With that, would you like to donate to homeless veterans?”

I looked back at Joe and Cam. 

“I would love to.”
I reached into my wallet and handed him $8 (I wanted to keep the $2 bill I had because I thought it was rare). 

He said “no, no, no.” He wanted a $20 donation. 

I was confused at first, and that’s when I realized I had just been duped and essentially scammed. 


5 Do’s and Dont’s of going to a stadium for an event…


Do: Sneak down to the lower levels.

Patriots vs. Redskins. Celtics vs. Wizards. Bears vs. Redskins. Katy Perry concert. Sneaking down from cheap nosebleed seats to the front rows or right on the 50 is so much fun, but you have to play your cards right. For a more crowded event like the Patriots game, one should always check the seats that are open on ticketmaster to see where there are open seats before you go down. At Fedex Field, I suggest getting there early and then go to the tunnels to try to get player autographs which is where I gave a high five to Mitchell Trubisky, QB for the Chicago Bears. 


Don’t: Get duped by fake street vendors outside...

Yes. The team stores are always more expensive. Example: “Washington Nationals World Series” shirt costs $45 in the team store, while most vendors sell it for a third of that price on the street. Yes, this sounds good, but at the same time, people can say “FREE STUFF!” and you might go up and try to get it, but trust me, this does not work. Most of the time there is a catch, if someone on the street says “FREE STUFF!” 


Note: This was a joke, as I was just highlighting how much of an idiot I was for what I did.


Do: Come to the ballpark full. 

Unless you’re at the fan friendly Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia where burgers and fries are around $4, food at stadiums is essentially twice the price that it should be. Imagine thinking that customers are going to relentlessly pay dozens of dollars for a brewski and a hot dog. It is stupid, but unfortunately it is what is expected of customers. 


Don’t: Wear the jersey of the local city

Why not constantly stir up some controversy and wear your Tom Brady jersey to a school in Philadelphia the day before the super bowl? Why not wear a Red Sox jersey to a Yankees game? Why not wear a Redskins jersey to an Eagles game?

Controversy is what stirs up positive, heated discussion that brings out the best in different fan bases across the country, and in a time where political debate is on fire in this country, why not change that to sports debate?


Do: Tailgate, Tailgate, and Tailgate some more!

For college games, most of the students (unfortunately) don’t even care about the actual game! The atmosphere with booming music, fun games, interesting people, and always a good time, makes tailgating fun. If you go to an NFL game to tailgate, fans are friendlier and they can share their food with you and it is always nice to hear people’s back stories (most have had season tickets for years). 


All in all, going to stadiums and events is always fun, but if you don’t maximize the experience, did you really enjoy yourself? 


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