Etto's Pizza

Dupont Circle

In honor of the AFC and NFC championship games, we decided to do our own Barstool-style pizza review. But unlike El Pres, we weren’t obnoxious to the owners and we took more than one bite. Bracing the tundra-level cold and with the help of #FriendsOfTheMove Josh Anthony and Rico Pearson, we decided to hit up Etto’s Pizza, in Dupont Circle.  

We were very impressed by the Margherita and Napolitana Pepperoni pizzas. The fresh tomato sauce combined with the addictive crust makes Etto’s pizzas close to perfection. It’s the closest you’ll get to authentic, Italian pizza in DC. 

Pro tips: go during lunch, the place is teeming with people during the dinner rush; don’t waste your money on appetizers. Although they’re tasty, the portions are pretty small and cost way too much money. Stick to the pizza. Also, for whatever reason, they’re really stingy with their bread. If they’re making you pay $17 for a pizza, they shouldn’t be giving you a face when you ask for another helping.


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