Falafel Inc.


This week we’re bringing you a review of the best falafel place in town. We paid a visit to Falafel Inc, a fast, tasty and no-frills take-out spot conveniently off of M street. And when we say no frills, we mean no frills. The place has six items on their entire menu and only three standing tables inside. It’s short, sweet and to the point. 

A, a falafel fanatic decided to go with the Falafel sandwich, packed with falafel, lettuce, red cabbage, pali salad, tabouli, tahini - red sauce on a freshly baked pita. Pro tip, be sure to splurge the extra dollar on hummus, and if you’re really hungry order two. 

Z ventured out and ordered the he Falafel Bowl which had falafel, red cabbage, tabouli, tomato, cucumber, pickles and zaatar chips on greens - special sauce. In addition, we get an order of the amazing Zaatar Fries. 

In addition to the great, fresh food, this place’s prices also make this spot a standout. The most expensive dish on the menu is $4. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant gives you a Middle Eastern feel with the dry and brick walls all throughout the tiny eating area. With Falafel Inc in the heart of Georgetown, it sure can get busy but the wait for your food is never longer than 5 minutes. 

What also makes this spot special is that for every meal you buy, the Falafel Inc company donates money to support refugees around the world, a nice touch in our view. 

So when your credit cards are too tired of being swiped or you need a cheap meal after your shopping spree went overboard check out Falafel Inc. Trust us, it's worth your while.


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