Fast Fashion!

By Ella Seltzer

The growing trend of “fast fashion” clothing lines has completely taken over mainstream clothing and retail options in a crazy surge over the past year. Even if you’ve never heard this term before, and are wondering what the hell fast fashion is (no, it’s not clothing that ships fast), you have most definitely seen and/or worn something from a fast fashion company. Everytime you see one of those online clothing lines advertising extreme sales, re-created celeb styles, or ultra-trendy new looks, odds are you’re shopping on a fast fashion site. Since these sites are known for their inconsistent sizing, terrible style remakes, and overall abhorrent quality, I’ve saved you the time, money, and impossible return policies by breaking down the most popular and actually ‘worth it’ fast fashion brands. 


Forever 21. A cult favorite for cheap, sometimes wearable clothes that seems to recreate every hot trend in a cringey and tacky way. Even so, Forever 21 is one of the more reliable and mainstream places to get the new styles you might want to try but not pay too much for. Another benefit is that they are an actual store, so even though their return policy sucks just as much as the rest of these companies, you can avoid that by getting to try stuff on in store first. Even though there are tons of memes about Forever 21’s unique way to ruin a cute piece of clothing with an awful quote or phrase stamped on it, they are the perfect place to go when you want a cute, inexpensive, trendy item. They’re also a good place for stuff you want to wear to that one frat where your nice stuff gets ruined with a gross mix of who-knows-what. I hope my rundown of Forever 21 isn’t too convincing because they are basically broke and about to close and declare bankruptcy. That leads me into my next, not so bankrupt, fast fashion company.


Fashion Nova. Wow, where do I even begin? The OG of fast fashion, this company is only fast when it comes to copying the Kardashian-Jenner family’s latest outfits. Seriously, their delivery is slower than 2Fix’s response time to a service request. Besides this and their atrociously unfeasible return policy, where basically they’re getting your money one way or the other, Fashion Nova is unmatched at recreating celebrity styles as fast as they post their red carpet photos. They are so good at their job of being fast fashion that Kim Kardashian had to directly ask them to not copy one of her looks from Instagram until after she had actually worn it. One big issue with Fashion Nova is that they get a little too ambitious with their copy-cat styles. A lot of times the super cute biker shorts-crop top set Kylie Jenner had on comes in the mail looking like a sewn up shower curtain. 


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