F*ck the Rain

By Ella Seltzer

Even though this is one of my 1,000 takes on the weather, the DC weather system has still yet to calm down, so here we are. As someone from California, the many years of drought genuinely made me forget what the rain was like and how damn annoying it is. Besides forgetting just how much rain can easily inconvenience your whole life, whenever it randomly occurs, I also completely forget how to dress for it. So, if you’re like me and were completely clueless this past week when it suddenly started to downpour, here’s my guide for how to dress (properly and still cute) for the rain. 


First and foremost, invest in a pair of rain boots. Even though they may seem ugly or clunky, there is literally no other shoe dedicated to being water-proof and worn in the rain. After a long and expensive journey to find a pair of rainboots I would actually wear, three pairs later I found my match. The classic, tall rain boots are great in theory, but are very big and clunky in reality, and also never fit over anyone’s calves correctly. Finding the amazing Hunter rain boot quality and look, in a much lighter and fashionable version, the Chelsea style, was totally game-changing and actually made me want to wear rain boots as needed. With three different styles of the short boot, Hunter boots make a good variety of both style and color to find the best pair of boots. These cute, easy ankle boots make it all that much easier to dress for the rain, without having to completely change your outfit to be rain-suitable. I find myself only being able to wear the classic tall style with leggings, so once I got the Chelsea-style rain boot, I was able to put on any sort of outfit, with a cute, and functional! addition to the boots. My only problem with these boots is they can sometimes be a bit short when worn with any sort of cropped pants. If you know yourself as a person who finds themself wearing cropped leggings or something, Hunter makes a perfect medium with a mid-calf version of their classic. So, prepare for the next spontaneous rainstorm and just equip yourself with a good pair of functional, and cute rain boots. Seriously though, I am so sick of seeing people complain about the rain when they are wearing white sneakers like you have lost that right to complain completely.  


Even though I hate both having to wear a jacket, and curtailing my outfit to the weather, sometimes just an umbrella will not cut it as weather protection. On those days where it is just too much rain for an umbrella, there are a variety of not too awful rain jackets to make sure you are not completely drenched on your way to class. North Face makes both a really good quality rain jacket, but also a very versatile one for any kind of weather or outfit. Something I have learned though, in my journey through the East Coast weather experience, is that for rain jackets, there is a very important distinction between waterproof and water-resistant. So make sure when buying a rain jacket that is waterproof, otherwise you will learn the hard way, which I can speak on from experience. There is also the option of lined rain jackets, where it is almost like a sweatshirt, or extra warmth inside. The problem with these is they can often be bulky and heavy, and are harder to clean since they have a fabric inside. For a more stylish, albeit less practical look, there are the classic long raincoat styles which add to an outfit, but are unwieldy for basically everything else. 


Unfortunately, we do not live anywhere that is conducive to buying rain pants, the only waterproof pant I have encountered. I will admit, I have seriously contemplated purchasing a pair once in a while, basically me everytime after I get to where I am headed in the rain, and no matter what pants I have on, I arrive completely drenched. I have yet to find a truly successful solution for this besides an insanely large umbrella, so please let me know if there is some sort of amazing solution I am missing. No matter what you choose to wear in the rain, at least do not be the idiot without an umbrella at the least.


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