Finals Fashion

By Ella Seltzer

If you are one of the lucky few who has already finished their finals by the time you’re reading this: congrats,  and feel free to disregard, as you are now exempt from my fashion critique of finals week. However, if you are unfortunate like me and are stuck on campus for a final every day up to Friday morning, please read on, as you have more time to prevent any egregious fashion fails for the rest of the week. What might I be talking about you ask? Only the worst time of the year for fashion: finals week. 


I literally do not care how early you say your final is; there is no world where it is in any way acceptable to wear pajamas as clothing to class. This applies at any and every point during the year, but I see it most during finals. I get it, we all get into that awful slump of all-nighters, seasonal depression, and pure misery during finals season. However, this does not justify your baggy PJ pants as clothing, like literally no matter the reason. If all the Hillterns are able to get fully dressed and put together in business clothes at that same hour of the day, you can surely make an effort to wear at least sweatpants or leggings to class. Maybe it’s just me, but getting dressed and putting myself together makes me feel awake and ready for a final, instead of wishing I could crawl back into bed which is how you all look moping to class in PJ pants. I am in no way advocating for taking finals in cute outfits, or even worse: jeans, but come on, sweatpants are barely a step up and at least look more like real clothes.


As for the “cute comfy” fashion of finals week, I have some amazing go-to’s that feel good but also look good, well at least better than pajamas. I love leggings so really any pair will do for an easy outfit to throw on with a hoodie for finals or some last minute studying. My personal favorite right now are the Align leggings from Lululemon. Although obviously a bit of a splurge, I got a cheap pair during Black Friday which I rarely peel myself out of. These super comfortable and ultra soft leggings feel so thin that you forget you’re wearing them at all sometimes. In a bunch of colors these amazing pants have become a staple in my wardrobe for literally any occasion. 


If you aren’t much of a leggings person, a good pair of joggers is always a nice second for functional finals fashion. I personally love Adidas’ pants, both their track pant style and classic sweatpant joggers. Either option is super comfortable and goes with pretty much any and everything, beyond just a comfy finals outfit. A bonus: they had literally amazing Black Friday sales so you can get either type of pant for a great price. 


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