TheMove's Offical French Fry Matrix

1.) McDonald's (Voted by Meg Zettell)

By far one of my favorite fast food fries is McDonald's fries. At home, I lived only a mile away from the closest McDonald's, and after a long day at school, those fries were just what I needed!


2.) Amsterdam Falafel (Voted by Jill Davis)

The toppings do all the talking for these delicious fries. You thought Old Bay was good? Dip some Amsterdam Falafel Inc. fries in the peanut Thai sauce for an unforgettable fry experience.


3.) Chick Fil A (Voted by Anna Grace Johnson)

The Chick Fil A waffle fry is, in my opinion, the best fry out there. The waffle fry style provides for a greater surface area for sauce, and the fry is a happy medium between being crunchy and soft, making it the ideal fry.


4.) TDR (Voted by Jessa Munis)

A TDR fry is about a basic as it can get. Overall, not a bad base for toppings, but never eat a TDR fry plain. The topping options at TDR leave a lot to be desired, but you can never go wrong with a little ketchup. 


5.) Five guys (Voted by Grace Engler)

Five guys tend to be kind of a hit-or-miss in my humble opinion. I think that the quality depends on where you go, but what I’ve had of Five Guys’ fries tend to get soggy fairly quickly and lack the crunch that we all know and love. You need something crunchy to cut the greasiness of an FG burger, and they just don’t deliver.


6.) Elevation Burger (Voted by Meg Zettell)

These fries are the greasy and somewhat imperfect compliment for a burger you have to wait a minimum of 20 minutes for. The wait shouldn’t stop you from getting them, though. It’s a good fry, and if time isn’t an issue for you, I definitely recommend it. Something to note, I’ve only eaten their fries a handful of times because I’m not a fan of waiting, so consider it a fry for a special occasion. 


7.) Pi & Fry

Their curly shape adds a good bonus to make an exciting addition to french fries, compared to the other standard and sub-par campus fries. Since people genuinely go to pi & Fry for the french fries as their main item, that is how you know it is truly the place for fries on campus. They have the most consistent fries: always there and always with a good crunch, but they are a bit dry and need a condiment to go with them.


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