Gym Fashion Fails

​As tons of students start working to get their “summer beach bod,” I’ve noticed an annoyingly large number of people in the gym each week. As much as I applaud your personal fitness dedication, seeing the way some of you dress is more entertaining than whatever show I’m watching as I die on the elliptical. First and foremost, it’s the gym. You are going to work out, which means exercise, which means sweat. As such, WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHES TO DO SO. The amount of times I’ve seen guys in cargo shorts and girls in booty shorts is upsettingly high. For the sake of your own comfort, just wear normal athletic material leggings/shorts/sweats. Nothing is more negatively eye-catching in the gym than when you see someone walk in wearing clothes for anywhere else BUT the gym. For your sake and the sake of your fellow gym-goers, please wear athletic clothes.



My other favorite gym “fashion” is people taking the trendy athleisure outfits too far. It’s one thing to have a put-together gym outfit, but when you have a Kylie Jenner copy outfit with neon leggings and a matching bra crop top, that’s just not it. I can’t even explain how ridiculous someone looks when rolling into the gym with a crop top and matching leggings that always end up being in the most obnoxious colors. The worst part about these gym sets is that they have no functionality whatsoever; they are usually made out of crappy material, and are so ill-fitting that they ride up and have no purpose. At that point, you’re just wearing an over-priced, long sleeve bra with some giant, celeb-endorsed logo plastered all across it. Please, understand that you’re not a Kardashian or influencer. If you’re actually going to the gym, don’t dress like you’re modeling for a “#ad” on an Instagram post.


Of all these gym fashion fails, the one that actually drives me fully insane is seeing people work out in non-athletic sneakers. There is, I cannot stress this enough, no excuse to be working out in shoes like Converse or Vans. If you’re one of those people, and we all know who I mean, who is grunting through their workout with one of those weight-lifting belts on, the least you can do is wear actual athletic sneakers. If you're so invested in your workout, maybe it's worth investing in shoes that actually serve an athletic purpose. Even though I am very into the cute sneaker trend, leave them outside the gym. Just because they are technically “sneakers,” it doesn’t mean that they’re meant for athletic use.


Guys, this one is fully an @ to you all. Please, for everyone’s sake, STOP wearing extremely cut-up muscle tees to the gym. It’s not that hard to wear a shirt with sleeves or that isn’t missing 75% of it. If you want to wear a tank top, go for it, but don’t cut it up to the point where you’re basically shirtless. No one wants to see you in clothes that make it look like you were mauled by a bear.     


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