Halloween Hots or Nots

By Ella Seltzer & Andre Angeline

Every year I find myself more and more simultaneously impressed and horrified by the assortment of Halloween costumes donned by “creative” college kids. We all know the entertainment we get from the showcase of costumes at Halloweekend parties and the subsequent Instagram posts. Somehow every year there’s just as good of an assortment of the classic overdone costumes as there are actually new and impressive ones. Since this Halloweekend never just ends, here’s my review of costumes from this past one, and hopefully some ideas for actual Halloween and the upcoming Halloweekend. 


Don’t get me wrong, last minute costumes can be an amazing, hilarious opportunity, but they can also just as easily become a downright train wreck. This is the best type of costume for a pun-style look, such as donning a trash bag and calling yourself “white trash.” Even though these costumes usually expose themselves as being not well planned, if you can make a good enough joke or backstory behind it, these costumes can actually turn out pretty damn good. There’s nothing like some classic procrastination to bring out the costume creativity inside everyone. However, this is a big PSA for actual Halloween and Halloweekend #2: throwing on a pair of ears or themed headband does not, in any way, constitute a costume. This classically awful look does not get better with age and most certainly is not cute. Please, go all out and be a playboy bunny, a devil, or an angel. As uncreative as these costumes may be, if you feel inclined to actually make a real outfit, then you get an A for effort. The lack of effort is what gets me every year and makes the lack of originality with those costume ideas even worse. Please note, wearing a sports jersey also receives an honorable mention in my mind for being a close second in last minute, uncreative awfulness. You can’t just become an *insert sport here* player, or even a fan, by just wearing said jersey. By all means, wear any of these costumes but if you’re going to, at least make them an actual costume, not just a singular item or accessory. In the grand scheme of costumes, at least these awful options incorporate something that is costume-esque. There is nothing worse than those people wearing literally just normal clothes with paper signs to say what they are. Every year I always see those beyond last minute “easy and free” costumes, that are inevitable on Halloween. However, in terms of worseness, it might be tough to beat one that I saw from this past Halloweekend: just normal all-black clothes with words written center forehead, saying “ECLIPSE,” in Sharpie nonetheless (yes Alex, if you’re reading, I’m talking about you). These “use your imagination” type costumes are a shame on the day that is literally centered around wearing a costume.


Let me add for the guys reading this, don’t be afraid to throw a little makeup on there! This weekend I, Andre taking over now, went dressed as Langdon from American Horror Story. Outfit wise, all I had to do was put on a turtleneck, pants, a few accessories, and a black jacket. Simple. However, that’s the issue, too simple! So to kick it up a notch, I let my friend do some eyeshadow on me for the first time to complete the look and honestly it was pretty sick. She blended a few shades fittingly from the Blood Sugar Palette and it really made all the difference. I got compliments left and right, or at times people guessing I was a fashionable pastor, but that is beside the point! This isn’t me saying go dressed as Langdon, but don’t be afraid to put a little makeup on boys! It really took it to the level it needed to be at to be a costume because although the look I was going for was pretty Langdon, that’s an outfit me and a handful of minorly fake emo guys would wear on the regular. 


I’m not saying any of this to say “oh you need makeup on for it to be a costume.” Of course, an outfit for a costume is enough, what I mean is that if your costume is just going to be clothes with no makeup, special effects, or crazy wigs, make sure it’s identifiable and not boring. The amount of “surfer dudes” and “businessmen” I saw was alarming. That’s not a costume, that is a Friday in Laguna and a Friday in The Financial District. If your outfit consists of a movie theatre employee jacket and a Spencer nametag boom you’ve got it (if you steal my idea for the weekend I will come for you). Throw on some dad jeans, a blue long sleeve button up, and manage to find a big enough wig, boom you’re Bob Ross, you’ve got it. If you throw on a Thrasher hoodie you normally wear and some black sweatpants and try to say you’re a hesh boy (please never do), that’s not cutting it. Period.


This is not to say that these sucky costumes go for everyone. With as many lame angels and devils, there’s just as many great, well put together and planned costumes. This year, from what I’ve seen so far, Euphoria-themed costumes have been amazing looking. With the already elaborate costuming and makeup from the show, any rendition of it looks great, being both creative and trendy. Although not new, one of my recent favorites has been the boxer costume (also mine from last year), as well as “cute aliens.” I even happened to see a WASP costume I love, and will take full credit as the inspiration behind the perfectly executed fashion, as discussed in my piece about it. I could scroll down my Instagram feed for as long as it’s taking me to write this and list of all the costumes, both good and bad. Really though, there’s a million different costumes to pull off and as long as it’s not something offensive, too close to full nudity, or just a pair of ears, it probably works as a good costume. Considering most of these are worn to disgusting frat houses, the quality of any costume is pretty questionable anyways. 


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