Hot Girl Autumn

By Ella Seltzer

Having grown up somewhere with no definitive seasons besides warm and sunny, and less sunny with rain, the concept of a “real” Fall is very new to me. I have since learned about what this means weather-wise and as such, clothing-wise as well. Now with my newfound hyper-awareness of what constitutes cute and appropriate Fall fashion, check out my guide to the wardrobe for a perfect hot girl autumn.


One of the hottest trends in Fall fashion, what I’ve been seeing a ton of lately, is skirts. This versatile look is perfect for those weirdly in-between temperature weeks in the transition into deep autumn. Perfect with either tights or on their own, a skirt is the best pairing for all the winter sweaters you’ve been dying to pull out of your closet. I never used to be a big skirt person, but now in getting used to the cold, but not too cold, Fall weather we have, they’ve now become some of my favorite go-to outfits the second I see the leaves start changing. My current obsessions are classic corduroy skirts, with a button front, which adds a cute twist to a classic Fall look. Another favorite of mine is my plaid skirt from Aritzia, which I shamelessly wore all through summer as well. Pretty much any store you walk into now most likely has a huge section of skirts perfect for your Fall fashion wardrobe, but my personal favorites for skirt shopping are Urban Outfitters and Aritizia. Looking around campus on any given day, you can spot a million different skirts, in a ton of different styles colors, all of which are super easy, comfortable, and cute on everyone.


 A Fall look still going strong from last year is the “teddy jacket.” These oversized jackets went from laughable to something super in, and are now in literally any store you walk into. These seemingly clunky jackets aren’t the lightest of outerwear but are both warm and functional and are a cute-cozy way to accessorize an otherwise plain outfit. I will admit, I was not a fan of these jackets at first; I thought they just looked like a bad hybrid of a pimp-esque fur coat, and a skinned stuffed animal. Now after impulsively buying one, besides that it was a bad choice financially, I actually love them. My favorite thing is to throw on a plain black shirt with ripped jeans and then adding my teddy jacket on top as a fun and functional addition to a simple outfit. For me, understanding true Fall meant coming to the realization that jackets aren’t just an accessory, but a weather necessity. So, having a jacket like this to be able to throw on, that’s both cute and warm, is the best addition for a functioning Fall wardrobe. 


Even though I am absolutely obsessed with sneakers as a year-round shoe, I have come to terms with the fact that they won’t always work with real weather here. So, I have started getting into boots for my Fall look. Chelsea style boots are always in, but their low height makes them seasonal, but not too heavy or clunky for the weather when it isn’t that cold yet. Basically any shoe brand, cheap or pricey, makes Chelsea boots and they are truly the best thing to add to the Fall wardrobe aesthetic. 


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