How to Dress Like an "Established" Person

By André Angeline

This one is for the boys, we need to start looking like young men. As most if not all of us are students here in Washington, it is inherent that we will be going to events, forums, or official meetings involving the political, diplomatic, or business world. With that being said, there is a certain etiquette that is expected with that. At these events, such as having the privilege of going to a hearing like many of you have been attending in the past weeks following the impeachment inquiry, going to an embassy for a cultural or state interest event, or even lobbying on the hill, you must not only act a certain way, but look a certain way. After the many failed and naive looks I pulled at these kinds of functions during my freshman year, I want to talk to you about how to dress like a person. I’ll give you three things that people don’t consider too often, that you need to absolutely have down.



I know you may be thinking, “what…”, but hear me out. If you are going lobbying on behalf of an organization and walk in with Nike Elites or the Nike Dri-Fits on, it’s not going to be a good look. I’m not saying go in with some crazy socks that perfectly match your outfit, but if you were to wear those athletic socks with a fully tailored suit, it just doesn’t look right, and it certainly is not professional. It can look kind of boyish to your fellow colleagues or future peers, and it won’t leave the best impression. This might seem like such an afterthought or annoying detail but this is the one thing on the list I have been called out for before. I was at an embassy event freshman year and the professor I went with introduced me to his friend who worked as a commission counselor at the embassy, and he noticed my shoes and said he really liked them, then he hit me with the “Why are you wearing white socks?” I didn’t even think it was an issue until then, then my professor gave me a look and I never made that mistake again. Just go to a Macy’s or a Men’s Wearhouse, don’t go crazy, but the dress socks there are very cheap and can help you look more professional, trust me, and the Saudi embassy.




No one is expecting you to waltz in with some leather double-sided Saint Laurent belt, but please, at least have a belt on. No, it does not matter if you’re a little slim thicc and you don’t need a belt to hold your pants up, you need to look professional. Just a black belt with a silver-colored buckle goes a long way. Additionally, do not tighten it to the point where your stomach is hurting, that’s a sign either the belt is way too small or that you can take it down another loophole. They make you look a bit more put together than you actually are and is just proper etiquette to have one on if you have dress pants on. No need to go crazy on spending either, but this is honestly one thing that is valid to spend a lot on if you feel the need to. You’re not going to have more than two or three dress belts, at least you don’t really need to. With that being said, if you want a nice belt since it will be one you’re wearing often, then go off if you want. I cannot stress one thing enough though, for the love of God, do not wear that double G Gucci belt to an official event. Save that for your hypebeast ventures or Instagram posts or whatever, but they’re also lame now. You don’t want to flex on a Congressman, because they’ll flex on you by not inviting you back. 



Something a lot of us guys forget to do in making a nice official outfit is including accessories. No, by accessories I do not mean a wallet chain from Hot Topic or stud earrings. I’m talking about a watch or cufflinks. Having a finishing touch always makes you look, honestly, a little cooler, yet if you do it subtly and right, it can make you look more professional as well. Often times, it can be weird to see a guy in a full suit and tie without any cufflinks on, a brooch, or a watch on, it just makes the skin or suit look a little naked. It never hurts to up this. Not to say you need to wear all three accessories at one, in fact, you probably should not. But, having a nice, neutral watch can look great and professional. It tricks the mind into thinking the other person looks more mature, and that they use their wrist to look at the time still and not on their phone! Finding a watch that can be really cheap and looking expensive and quality still is honestly easy. Go to Macy’s again, make a U-turn, and go back and park at Macy’s. Everything you need is there for the most part, or if you want a nicer one, hit up your local Nordstrom. If you come from a family that works in oil and you can burn money, go get a Rolex as you wish, but a 19-year-old with a Rolex just looks kind of funny.


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