Music Festivals: How To Dress When It's Cold

By Andre Angeline

I along with nearly everybody who attended Rolling Loud in New York City a few days ago, were very confused. No I’m not talking about how three headliners were scheduled at once, how it took 50 minutes to exit the gates once the performances were done, or even about my king Travis Scott breaking his leg while performing but choosing to ignore it and finish his set. I’m talking about how no one knew how to dress for it, and how it actually panned out. Both days were in the 60’s, with the occasional low 70 and upper 50. It was really windy, an occasional overcast with a few drops of rain, yet also really sunny at times too. This is exactly what the forecasts predicted, and it left me and my friends wondering, how are we going to dress for a music festival if it is cold outside? Well, I can’t tell you exactly how to dress, but from what I’ve gathered on my experience and my friends’ experiences, here are a few do’s and don’ts. 


DO wear a T-Shirt. Yes, it will inherently suck at first when you are waiting for the train and standing around in line to get in the festival in the afternoon, it will be cold. However, you are going to need it. You will, seemingly no matter what artist you see big or small, end up in a crowd that sticks so close together, that you end up having to put your arm around strangers next to you just for support. There will be shoulder to shoulder touching practically at all times, it will make it feel like it is hot outside when it really is not, you’ll be wishing you spent the money you spent on tickets was for water. So, DON’T make the same mistake I did, by wearing a sweater with a t-shirt underneath it. I can’t stress this enough, DON’T wear longsleeves! I’m seriously an idiot. It was dreadful, I felt so hot and even when I took the sweater off, just in the T-shirt alone I was still hot, although it felt much better. DO wear some shorts and DO wear a bodysuit or something ladies, not even because it gets hot though. I personally could wear pants in 100 degree weather and feel fine, my legs don’t really get affected by temperature I feel like, or that could also just be me being a crackhead. The issue is that everybody and their MOTHER will be stepping on your pants, spilling Four Lokos (because that was 1 of 2 alcoholic drinks they were offering there) on your pants, or find another creative way to ruin your clothing. With that being said, DON’T wear pants. Lastly, DO wear a chain or necklace. I know what you’re thinking, how can a necklace make you feel hot? Well that’s the point, it doesn’t. After the sunset, when I was dying in what felt like everybody fighting in the Cornucopia in the Hunger Games during Travis Scott’s set, there were too many people surrounding me and I had no water and felt like I was gonna pass out. But, I had my two little chains on over my shirt, and I just took them and put them under my shirt so they would hit my chest, and believe me it really goes a long way. It cooled my body down massively somehow, and I really did not expect that. It makes perfect sense, but it was not my intention by any means when I was putting on my necklaces. Hopefully, it can be yours now!


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