How to handle the Humidity?

By Ella Seltzer

Now that it's time to head back onto campus, it also means it's time to head right back into the swamp we call our city. For those of us who enjoyed our summer sans humidity, coming back in the midst of peak summer suffocation feels almost as bad as being trapped in a crowd of freshmen who are navigating TDR for the first time. Anyway, for those of you who, like me, physically cannot handle the humidity, I have a few suggestions for what to wear when it's so gross out that the air is touching you and you don’t want your clothes to feel the same way.

For me, one of the staples of my summer wardrobe is a good pair of flowy pants. Even though sometimes the baggier styles look a bit MC Hammer-esque, the right pair can be a lifesaver during those first few weeks back in school. Even though most people’s go-to in hot weather is just a pair of shorts, I hate the feeling of sitting in class in shorts because, as cute as they may be, a bad shorts wedgie makes an endless lecture feel even longer. As for the pants, not only do they not cling to you in that especially awful way shorts do, but their lightweight fabrics always make a breeze that much better. Since denim just isn’t the most breathable fabric, when it gets hotter out, so do the shorts and so do you. Most of the time these flowy pants are made with the kind of fabric meant to withstand the heat and just swish around you. The best thing with these pants is that honestly, it kind of feels like wearing pajamas out in public, in the best possible way. Another piece of my absolute obsession with flowy pants is that a lot of them come in super cute, summery colors so finding a nice, solid top to match is just as easy as throwing them on and heading to class. I personally own a range of styles for these universal pants, spanning from a cheap Forever21 pair in green stripes to my new favorite ones from Artizia’s summer sale. Best of all, these style of pants makes it so easy to throw on any type of shoes (sandals, sneakers, Birks, etc.) to make an easy but great outfit for when it's so humid, you can’t handle anything beyond the air touching you. 


For the days where even the lightest pair of flowy pants is still too much to wear, a comfy skirt is the next best option I always have in my summer wardrobe. Due to the entire middle part of a skirt being gone and them typically being on the looser side, I can support denim for skirts. My Levi’s denim skirt makes one of my favorite outfits for whatever the occasion, top, or weather because they are just that versatile. Another great place for a cute summer skirt is Urban Outfitters. They have their own denim line and they have more interesting styles to make the skirt the summery highlight of any outfit. Even when the weather starts cooling down from what feels like 1000 degrees, Aritzia (one of my new favorites) has great fabric skirts for a more fall look, but they’re just as comfortable and fun. 


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