How to take the BEST Photo

When editing a photo, there are so many choices that come into play - What app do I use? How much do I brighten the photo? Do I use flash or not? In order to edit a photo well, the photo must be clear - therefore, the “flash or no flash” decision is crucial. If the lighting is bright, don’t use flash, if the lighting is dark, use flash. And if you’re thinking, “oh no flash makes me look washed out”, don’t fret, your editing skills will make you look picture perfect.


As far as editing goes, I suggest downloading the “Adobe Lightroom CC” and the “Adobe Photoshop Express” apps. The Lightroom app will allow you to edit the lighting and coloring more precisely than other apps. In addition, the “selection” tool in Lightroom will allow you to select part of your photo and edit it, and that edit won’t affect the rest of the photo. The main reason I use the Photoshop app is for the “healing” tool, which is represented by a band-aid icon. This tool will allow you to remove acne, stray hairs, and shiny spots from the flash, preventing you from having to worry as much about how you look when the photo is being taken.


Lastly, if you loved the way you edited a photo, instead of having to make the adjustments all over again, you can click on the icon of three dots in a circle in the top right corner of the Lightroom app, press “create preset” and voila your editing positions are saved. Now, if you want to use that preset for a photo, you can select the “Preset” tool and choose the preset you want from the “User Presets” tab. You can even purchase presets made by professional photographers for the Lightroom mobile app. Here are some of my favorite presets: “Do You Travel” presets, “Aspyn Ovard” presets, & “YourFriendAndre” presets.

There you have it: A quick and free guide to “Insta Worthy” pics. If you have any questions about how to take and edit pics, feel free to email !


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