@HumansOfUniversity is the Next Instagram Trend for Students

Instagram has become a space for people to connect with others through accounts that are followed by hundreds of thousands of people. With that in mind, Humans of University (@humansofuniversity) took the initiative to be an outlet for students to share their story.


Samuel Huang, the co-founder of @humansofuniversity, told me that he and his friends “believe each student has a story to tell and that is what makes the university experience special. We want to show daily glimpses of a student’s life and their university experience.”


The account was inspired by Humans of New York, which tells current stories of New Yorkers, in January of 2018. They have created a following of 108,000 in just over a year.


To be featured on the Instagram page, students have to message the account with their story and a few photos of yourself. The story can be anything that tells the viewers something about yourself, whether that is what university you will be attending or something you are most proud of.


After speaking with Huang, I wanted to see for myself how the page worked. I messaged the account directly with my story and two photos. Within a few hours, my story was uploaded to account and had been viewed by hundreds of people. As time went by, my inbox on Instagram was flooded with messages from people that read my story.


“With so many students suffering from depression and other obstacles, we want to build a community where students share their experience or story, good and bad, and really support each other throughout their university journey,” said Huang.


While the majority of their followers are students within the U.S., they hope to have the stories of students around the world being shared on their platform. With so many students across the world having unique stories, @humansofuniversity wants to be an outlet for those students.


Unlike other accounts, it is not difficult to have your story featured. Don’t believe me? You can try it too. I encourage you all to connect with this account and learn about the peers with whom we share this world.


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