Interview of Harper Roberts

By PJ Chandra

“I’ve always had a great support system around me especially my Mom, and that has helped me become the person I am today,” says Harper Roberts, a sophomore here at American University. When asked what the last gift she gave someone was, she said teabags to her mom and she went on to explain how she came from a ‘broken home’ in Texas, but she powers through realizing she wants to bring a sense of community and a sense of a sports culture and more events to campus here at AU. When she’s not busy planning ‘Rally in the Alley,’ the successful AU tailgate event that will likely happen again later this month and talking to top administration officials, you can find Harper making a “mean PB and J” sandwich, hanging out with friends at Texas Tech, and playing frisbee. But what caused her to go through all the trouble and create an event just for AU students to show up to an event that some may have thought was ‘boring,’ or ‘pointless?’ 

“For me, back where I’m from we had one of the best student sections despite not necessarily having the best sports teams in my high school. I could see that just students being passionate and creating a good sense of culture was important and brought the community together and I wanted to bring that to AU.” 

Harper explains that it took some planning and that initially the administration had said no to her idea, but then over they came around to the idea over time. The day of the event was a huge success with fun activities like corn hole, raffles, tabling from Greek life organizations, and a fantastic DJ. Harper thoroughly thought the event was a success and is excited for what’s to come, and while Rally in the Alley was a massive success and she spent massive time planning this, there is more to Harper Roberts than this one event. 

“What’s your go to team to play with in Madden?” 

“ Well, I don’t necessarily have a favorite basketball team,” she says. 

Oh Harper. I went on to explain that Madden was football and she quickly realized her mistake, but to her credit told me to mention that in this article to show that she’s not embarrassed by anything. She has started her own small business which was successful, involved in multiple clubs here, trusts her faith, has relatives who worked for Lyndon B Johnson, and loves a sense of community. As someone who makes a “great zucchini bread,” makes her own popcorn from scratch, and someone who’s message to the school is to set goals and go out and accomplish them long term and don’t let anyone be in the way of who you are, Harper Roberts is just getting started to marking her legacy at AU.


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