A Night at the Italian Embassy Ball

By PJ Chandra

From the heavy security with the metal gate to going around taking photos of the desserts and talking to guests, the Italian Embassy Ball was an extravagant event that I am so lucky to have gone to and going there to cover and attend it while having fun, dancing on the dance floor (Being a good dancer, might I add) while learning new moves, seeing a man think this was a rave and spray guests with beer everywhere only to have a girl he had just met with him slap him and leave him, this was definitely quite the event that is making me more hype for Founders by the minute. 

From the chocolate desserts to learning ballroom dancing to $30 photos, the Italian Embassy Ball certainly had its perks, its ups, and its downs. I was a little surprised that there was no Romeo and Juliet performance like there was supposed to be on the ticket. Et tu Italia? We walked in and the security was tight, but to get in was a joke because there was one table that just required you to say your last name, but anyone could sneak past that table. I just love adult prom. 

The night proceeded with ballroom dancing, an opera singer, chances for photos, chances to connect and meet new people, couples, and established citizens of the DC area on Valentine’s day. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would absolutely go back again with tightened security and perhaps better dance competition. If anyone wants a dance off at Founders please email me and we will set this up right away. 


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