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Jill Davis​

Jillian Davis is the Communications Director of TheMove. A student at American University, she is majoring in International Studies with a minor in Women and Gender Studies, Jillian is also the VP of Advocacy for Andertennial Hall Council and the VP of Project Heal’s AU chapter. Jillian brings her love for music and explorations in D.C. to TheMove as she oversees #TheMusicMove, #TheEventMove, and #TheDistrictMove. A passion for working with nonprofits has led Jillian to connect with amazing organizations such as Kid Power Inc., Camp New Day, and Special Angels. When Jill isn’t curating new playlists for TheMove, she is sending puppy pictures and BuzzFeed quizzes to her friends despite their request for her to stop. Much to her chagrin, she calls Northern NJ home, but if you ask her, she’ll say just 20 minutes outside New York and change the subject before you can ask for any further description


Since the start of our freshmen year in the fall of 2018, we noticed the social miscommunication among students in the district. Being freshmen in the capital, there are so many things that are offered but no platform that organizes it for college students. After becoming...


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