Let's leave Snakeskin Behind in Summer 2k19

By André Angeline

Summer 2019 has been an experience, to say the least. With a whirlwind of new trends, new music, and an endless amount of new celebrities (hey Lizzo what’s cracking), it’s been quite the summer for the culture. However, as we’re starting fresh again with a new semester, I think there is one trend, in my unpopular opinion, we need to leave behind in Summer 2k19: the snakeskin outfit. 


According to my Instagram poll, roughly 46% of you agree with me. While it’s a substantial number, it still makes an unpopular opinion. Whether it be a real python leather bag from YSL or a faux snakeskin dress paired with snakeskin print boots from Zara, I, along with anyone else who follows more than two influencers on Instagram are sick of these generic outfits. After a few brands started experimenting with it, fast fashion brands like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and everyone’s problematic favorite (or just problematic) Fashion Nova, took on the trend and began making entire outfits and sets of it. It’s SO excessive. Any store you walk into now has these designs, and that’s what I consider to be my biggest problem with it. There seems to be such a lack of originality. I think a bag, some shoes, or a top by itself is fine, but making a total snake outfit is tacky. I mean, do you really want to slither around campus looking like an actual snake considering we have more than enough in the Class of 2022? This isn’t to say you should trash all of your snakeskin clothing and accessories. Just please do it in moderation. We’re at to the point where people wore these kinds of outfits to this year’s CAMP-themed Met Gala (no tea, no shade Solange I don’t want any swinging elevator beef). This kind of fashion is definitely encouraging exotic skins to be used. Now that the snakeskin print is a huge trend in the fashion world, luxury companies that can afford to make their ready to wear and accessories with real snakeskin are doing so! When I worked at Louis Vuitton, the new season had a plethora of real python and other exotic snakeskin goods that were inspired by this Instagram model trend. Now, alongside LV, Gucci, YSL, Hermès, are doing the same thing. It’s inhumane and I think it should be generally accepted by now that exotic leather goods should be cancelled. I think we’re better than that in 2019. Someone had to say it. 


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