DC Fashion Week: Mindy Lam

By André Angeline

Last weekend, during DC Fashion Week, alongside, you guessed it, fellow fashion-Move writer Ella Seltzer, I attended a night full of fashion. Instead of the show on Saturday being at the Aston Martin, it was at a venue that was even a further step up which I didn’t think was possible, the Embassy of France. With seven different designers presenting their work of the season at the ambassade, I was overwhelmed to say the least. There was no men’s wear that night, which I was initially disappointed to hear, but upon arrival and during the varying shows let me tell you, there was no disappointment. The collections were sick, but I really want to focus on one designer who’s pieces collected me, not just because of the incredible designs themselves, but the way they were presented as well.


Mindy Lam, an artist and couture jewelry designer has come a long way from where she started in Hong Kong. Lam has dedicated her career to ethereal, dark, and provocative pieces that captivate you the second you look at them. Many of her pieces try to incorporate nature, through flowers, animals, and vines (no not the Liza Koshy kind of Vine). Her accessories make for a drop dead masterpiece that just makes you want to run through the woods.




At the end, Mindy Lam did something, like REALLY did something. After all of the whimsical gold and silver accessories that almost appeared to be growing off the garments like magic, she brought out two ballerinas. I know what you’re thinking...huh? Dancing very dramatically, one wore a white short cut dress with blue accessories including pedals and butterflies, and the other was in a black to red ombré short cut dress with similar accessories. Then out she came, the third model who stopped the show. She came in with a black, white, and blue ombré dress with very beautiful and divinity like accessories, such as the black and gold pedal-like choker, and to top it off, a ruffle of feathers. Y’all, I just witnessed Black Swan in person.


 My third favorite movie (we’ll save that for another article) was portrayed in front of me, and it was incredible. The second girl who acted as a middle ground between the two ballerinas, stood strong and proud between them; and she stood out. Mindy Lam’s show was a show like no other, and it was for me, one of, if not my favorite, show I saw the entire weekend. 


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