Music Festival Fashion Fails

Coachella? Firefly? Gov Ball? AU’s AMFest? Whichever upcoming music festival has your dream setlist, read up on my take on some of the “trendy” styles of music festival wardrobes.


Now that concert and music festival season has finally rolled around, an upsetting amount of people are now digging out their ~unique~ rave wardrobes. My first comment here is about the biggest issue I see with festival clothing: Stop. With. The. Cultural. Appropriation. There is absolutely no reason to wear a mock Native American headdress “for the culture.” It is not cute, it is offensive, and it is not a fashion. On top of that, so much of the fashion and trends for these events are all borderline appropriation; whether they include designs inspired by or taken from another cultural group, inappropriate hairstyles, or disrespectful accessories, people need to stick to their own culture and leave it there.

As for the actual “fashion” of concert and music festival season, people really have a philosophy of anything revealing goes. Let me tell you, the stuff I see people wearing to these events is amusing in an unfortunate way. It gets to a point where, I swear, people have started trying to look outrageous on purpose. The amount of neon, shimmery, plasticy, metallic outfits I see make my skin itch for those daring to wear that all day in the heat. My favorite part about all these “trendy” music festival sets is that they all look like they got cut to shreds by a kid who went wild with a pair of scissors. The amount of ill-placed gaps, slashes, and cut-outs makes me assume the number of wardrobe malfunctions is as high as the number of people who I’m sure left with their shoes, probably those hideous FILA platforms, absolutely wrecked. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of funky fashion, but some of these music festival trends are starting to make people look like washed-up aliens.  

Another thing that drives me absolutely crazy about music festival fashion is this weird swimsuit culture that has suddenly become popular. I don’t know when it was decided that it's now trendy to abandon all of your clothes to wear a tiny bikini top with uncomfortable swimsuit fabric. Not to say any of the other tiny crop top, bodysuit, or bra outfits are any better, but why make it one step worse with something not meant to be worn as clothing outside water? It makes no sense to me that people willingly put on a bikini as clothes instead of an actual outfit. For those of you who wear one-pieces too, you aren’t exempt. Ditch the swimsuit and put on some real clothes.

One of the worst, but funniest, parts of music festival fashion are the shoes. Sometimes they are completely normal, but seeing how absolutely trashed they get is hilarious. It’ll be a perfect, concert aesthetic Insta pic, but then you look down and there is a pair of completely muddy, beat-up old shoes. People will spend hundreds of dollars on a perfect, brand new festival outfit but then still have on their dumpy old sneakers which do nothing but downgrade an outfit. Still though, I’ll take a pair of wrecked shoes over the aforementioned FILAs. Dad shoes are not a cute trend no matter who makes them, so please stop wearing them. Another trend I see with these shoes is that they are constantly paired with weird tights. Even though I don’t have an issue with a pair of fishnet tights, imagining having to be at a music festival with tights on, the most uncomfortable clothing item ever, causes me pain. It’s obviously not cold enough to need tights, so ditch this useless and just plain weird accessory from your music festival wardrobe.


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