Nationals bring a title back where it belongs… to the District 

By PJ Chandra

“3-2… There it is! The Washington Nationals are World Series Champions for the first time in franchise history.” Joe Buck shouts on FOX as Yan Gomes jumps into the arm of closer Daniel Hudson to kick off the celebration. Yes, congrats DC. Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Washington, D.C. united behind a single cause. No, I am not talking about protesting the new policy about carbon emissions. Yes, the Washington Nationals have won their first-ever World Series and the first baseball title in D.C. in 95 years. Now what? 

“Let’s go Nats! Let’s go Nats! Let’s go Nats!” Chants poured the streets outside of Nationals Park late Wednesday night until 4 a.m. Other than a presidential inauguration, I don’t think there has ever been more security in one area at one time. Heck, at one point it looked like there was a mini Tour De France going on as over a hundred officers were biking to toward a certain security place. Cars honking, kids screaming, people drinking; it was certainly a wild night on Wednesday, something that definitely united the city. Now picture this: You are in Nationals Park, it is the top of the seventh inning and it is pouring rain while your team, which for the fifth time this postseason, is facing elimination. The crowd is quiet, cold, and sad. All of a sudden, likely MVP of the NL, Anthony Rendon hits a 374 foot home run. There are over 30,000 people cheering, and now screaming, in the stadium as you trail by only one run. Then the stupid Baby Shark song comes on and you want to throw up because of how bad of a song it is. Then you look up at the jumbotron again and Howie Kendrick just hit a two-run shot off the foul pole to give the Nationals their first 3-2 lead in Game 7. The crowd is going nuts. Nine more outs till DC’s first championship. 

Right after Daniel Hudson closes the game out with a strikeout against Michael Brantley, someone in the stadium rips off their shirt and goes for a slip n’ slide on top of the Nationals dugout.  Stephen Strasburg is named World Series MVP for getting two wins and pitching his heart and soul out, before ripping the heart and soul of Nationals fans by announcing he will become a free agent by opting out of his current contract after the parade. Mmmmmm. The parade. What a day.

Thousands gathered near the National Mall to celebrate their first title. It was kind of odd because all the players were essentially on separate “floats” as they used Big Buses to escort the players from one road to another. It didn’t feel so grand. With thousands singing Baby Shark and listening to Mr. Walkoff’s (Ryan Zimmerman) passionate speech thanking the fans, it was truly just a bliss moment. Was it Boston’s duck boat parade fun? No. Was it Philadelphia level crazy of ripping down a Ritz Carlton? Or Jason Kelce speech level crazy? No. Or as big as the Cavaliers parade after coming back from 3-1 against the 73 win Golden State Warriors? No. But was it a nice moment that brought the city together in times of disunity around the country? Absolutely. 

Congrats to the Washington Mystics though for winning a WNBA title a couple of weeks ago and shoutout to University of Delaware superstar Elena Delle Donne on winning the MVP for the Mystics. Their parade will be in the spring of 2020. But we hoped you enjoyed this parade and this past week in D.C. With the Redskins and Wizards reeling, the Capitals in the middle of the pack, and the Nationals likely to lose the regular season and World Series MVP’s Rendon and Strasburg, this could be DC’s only title and parade for a while amongst the four major professional sports. Jinx…?


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