Peruvian Brothers

By Jill Davis and Andre Angeline

As you may have seen on our insta, we had the honor of attending the ribbon cutting ceremony of a new restaurant, Peruvian Brothers, last week. There was live music, dancing, and the Peruvian Ambassador, Hugo de Zela, even made an appearance. Peruvain Brothers used to just be catering and a food truck run by Giuseppe and Mario Lanzone, and now they get to share their love of food and amazing cooking with so many more.

Andre here, I used to live with a Peruvian family on and off for only a few years when I was a teenager, so as you can imagine walking into this place felt like heaven. As soon as we walked in, we saw a whole like amassed of dozens of guests in line waiting to finally get some of that Peruvian flavor. First was a table of empanadas, with plenty of different options like beef, chicken, and spinach (Peruvian Brothers is very vegetarian friendly). Then moving down the line, we got to an ever bigger table with everything I’ve ever wanted. They had yucca fries, which is quite literally french fries except not potatoes, yucca. They are really big so you only need a few to fill you up, and their special aioli to put on them is amazing. Moving down the line, another good I put on my plate we’re the platanos, which are just cooked, sweet plantains. They slapped so hard and were so filling and great. Next, I threw on some quinoa salad. Normally, when I have quinoa in DC, it’s been at a yoga mom restaurant like Sweetgreen and it tastes blander than Halsey’s music. However, this quinoa had a little spice to it and was savory and delicious. Lastly, the next thing I grabbed for is the OG of Peruvian food, pollo a la brasa. Also known simply as blackened chicken, their chicken is prepared charred, extra juicy, and savory. While I was in Peru, I had this at least one out of every three days, if not every other day. Not even because it was my favorite but because it’s everyone’s favorite. I’d consider it a major staple not just in Peruvian food but Peruvian culture itself. Let me tell you… this chicken was so good it had me yelling at Jill. It was amazing! Cooked to a tee, and when combined with their Huancaina sauce, a spicy cheese sauce, and their hot sauce, it was incredible. Move over Crispy & Juicy, this really hit. Team Peruvian Brothers all the way oh man I need to go get more right now I-. 

This new restaurant front is tucked inside a whole new hall in the Union Market district, called La Cosecha. La Cosecha is its own market which brings together the values of the Latin American culture. Everything from Salvadorian and Peruvian restaurants and bars to stores selling Latin American interior designing and Guatemalan footwear can be found in this new venue. After attending the Peruvian Brother’s ribbon cutting, we highly recommend taking a venture over to this new market highlighting and sharing the essence of true Latin American culture.  


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