Philz Coffee

Dupont Circle / Adams Morgan

So we know what you are probably thinking: “coffee is not a food, how could you possibly be writing a #FoodMove about a coffeeshop?” And you are probably right, but we’re making an exception this week in honor of finals coming up.

After spending a semester scouring Washington, DC for the perfect cup of coffee, we can finally definitively tell you that Philz Coffee has got it.

With locations right on the Red Line at Dupont and Adams Morgan, making the pilgrimage incredibly accessible.

You probably are wondering what makes this place stand out, right? Philz focuses entirely on making drip coffee. This surgical focus allows them to put all their attention towards making the best one possible. With over 30 unique and diverse blends, the baristas there handcraft each cup of coffee. Our personal favorite is the Philtered Soul: a medium bodied, with low acidity and hints of chocolate and hazelnut. With so many options, you’re sure to find a roast for you.

Unlike other coffee shops where they give you a passive aggressive look if you ask them to remake a cup to your liking, at Philz the feedback is welcome and accepted. They won’t let you leave until the cup is perfect. This attention to detail and extra level of customer service puts Philz in a league of its own.

The laid-back environment makes it an ideal spot for studying or hanging out with friends. Although we love the vibe and quality of coffee, there are a few things Philz should try and improve. The pastries are over-priced and not that good. If you’re coming here, save yourself $5 and bring a snack from somewhere else. The Dupont location is a 5-minute walk from Bethesda Bagels, and pairing the two makes an awesome breakfast combo.


With locations right on the Red Line at Dupont and Adams Morgan, making the pilgrimage incredibly convenient.


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