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Have you ever wondered how celebrities glitterize their photos? Well, here you have it. Here’s the inside scoop on special effects that celebrities try to cover up.


1.) From the Dolan Twins to Emma Chamberlain and more comes an editing app that makes their editing like no other: PicsArt. PicsArt allows you to draw on your pictures, add stickers, and create masks.










2.) The “brushes” icon allows you to draw on your picture and create the silver glitter clothes. In order to create this look, open the application and tap on the “purple +” in the middle on the bottom of the page. Choose which photo you’d like to use, and then scroll on the toolbar at the bottom of the page until you get to the “brushes” icon. From there, you will scroll until you see the silver glitter icon. You can also choose from other designs, or click on the far left brush icon to use a solid color. Once you have chosen your desired color, you can change the size and opacity of the brushstrokes and start drawing. The easiest way to draw precisely is to zoom in on the picture and trace the outline of the object you wish to colorize with a small brush size, then fill in the object. Click through the pictures for a step-by-step tutorial on how to glitterize your photo.


*Disclaimer: The final photo in the step-by-step tutorial looks different because the editing besides the glitter is done through Adobe Lightroom. Click here to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom, allowing you to combine your editing and special effects for the perfect photo!





3.) Other tools that are often used are the “mask” and “sticker” tools, which are also on the toolbar at the bottom of the page. The “mask” icon allows you to choose from solid colors to tie-dye to geometric shapes to lay on top of your photo. You can then click on the eraser tool at the top of the page and erase the mask, so that you only have it in the background or on a specific object. Lastly, the “sticker” icon allows you to choose from any type of sticker, a much wider variety than Snapchat, to add to your photo. Search for the type of sticker you want and all of stickers matching your search will appear. Some of the stickers are large enough to use for a mask by expanding the sticker size and then erasing parts of the sticker, allowing it to be used as a background for the picture.








4.) For PicsArt inspiration, check out the instagram user @emmatopp - nearly all of the photos are edited using PicsArt!


*Disclaimer: PicsArt gives you a free 3-day trial, however, after those 3 days, you will be charged a fee.

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Photo courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson


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