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High Street Cafe

TheMove reviews a new hot spot in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. With the a combination of American food and Mexican food, see what TheMove recommends getting.

High Street Cafe Venue

Wisconsin Avenue is every college student’s nightmare. The horrific crowds that appear on the sidewalks of M Street and congested foot traffic steer everyone way, but we’re here to tell you that maybe you should give Wisconsin a second chance.

After a night of dining at High Street Cafe, we learned the ins and outs of the fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. We enjoyed learning the history of the High Street Cafe, in addition to enjoying the food they prepared for us.

When we first walked into High Street Cafe, the owner greeted us with a warm smile and his kind sense of humor. He showed us the passion he had for the food that was coming our way. The chef later accompanied us as he shared his insight on how he prepared all the food. He explained to us his experience in the field, and how he had been working closely with the owner for many years. He also mentioned how pleasing it was to work at High Street Cafe, and how all the workers work well together as a lovely family.

We started with the tuna tartare ($14), pan-roasted calamari ($15), and the crispy goat cheese noisettes ($11). We all agreed that the Tuna Tartare tasted as if it was directly imported from Hawaii, giving us a fresh and fruity flavor. The calamari was a different dish than what any of us have tried before. High Street Cafe pan-roasts their calamari as opposed to the fried dish we're used to eating. Although it was prepared beautifully, it seemed to have lacked the kick that we were hoping for. The goat cheese noisettes are the best to start with and was our favorite dish. The pistachio and honey were a great compliment to the warm goat cheese that melted in your mouth.

We then enjoyed the carbonara ($19), and pepper-crusted New York sirloin ($26) to share among the three of us. After the filling appetizers, we felt that sharing these entrees would be best. The carbonara was our favorite by far. The sirloin was also enjoyable despite the chewiness taking away from the flavor.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at High Street Cafe, and we look forward to going back in the future. We highly recommend that you all check it out on any warm afternoon this Spring where you find yourself strolling down Wisconsin.

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