Public Relations Specialist

TheMove is a growing publication in Washington D.C. With any start up company, outreach and awarness is a major role that is played. By having TheMove in other media outlets, that being social media or any other platform, it creates exposure for the brand to gain more attraction. By being TheMove's Public Relations Specialist you are expected to:


  • Create press releases when needed

  • Work on Instagram campaigns with the Instagram Exectutive​​

  • Online outreach to media outlets

  • Gain relationships with influencers​

  • In constant contact with current partnerships, and create new partnerships​

  • Bring new ideas to the table that keeps our followers engaged


Being a part of TheMove gives all of our staff members an opportunity to grow in whatever position they are fulfilling. By being the Public Relations Specialist you will learn excellent skills of:


  • Teamwork

  • Work Ethic

  • Business Ethics

  • Business Management

  • Brand Management

  • Marketing Techniques

  • Social Media Branding

  • Public Relations Principles


If TheMove sounds like the work environment that you want to be a part of, and if you think you fit the qualities of our Public Relations Specialist, apply now. Application deadline is May 20th, 2019.


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