Cathedral Heights

Sushi… something that you definitely don’t want to get from a place that has a sketchy “all you can eat” happy hour. Since coming to DC, hunting down a good sushi place has been a challenge. But Raku in Cathedral Heights really hit the spot for us. 


Unlike other sushi places in the area, what makes Raku stand out is its awesome variations and specialty rolls. When it comes to California rolls, their line-up doesn’t just stop at the standard crab, it includes tuna, salmon and shrimp options. Z tried the shrimp Cali, and A had the salmon Cali. 


Our one sticking point was the service. Don’t go to Raku if you’re in a rush to get anywhere. Finding your server at the restaurant is a lot like finding a package at an AU housing front desk: you’re lucky if your order arrives. 


That being said, other than the service, the atmosphere was great, and being able to see the rolls being hand-prepared at the bar is a really nice touch. 

We definitely recommend Roku especially if you are venturing out into the Cathedral Heights area.


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