"S" is for Spring Style

Now that it’s finally getting warm enough to kick off cringey photoshoot season, here’s my full breakdown of the hots and nots of spring style. All the best and most common trends of spring seem to start with an “s,” so I’ll break it down by each one.


First, sandals are one of my favorite parts of spring season style (another alliteration!). As a diehard fan of Birkenstocks year-round, the second it gets above 60°, the first thing I do is whip out anything open-toed. My Birks are truly like a second pair of feet for me. They are comfortable, cute, and very trendy; beyond the classic browns, there are tons of fun metallic and colored ones too, and they’re a unisex shoe! Another favorite of mine with sandals are the strappy, fun ones that you can wear whenever. They work both casually and to dress up a nice spring outfit. I have a pair like that with little flowers all over the brown straps, and whenever I wear them I get a ton of compliments because they are so fun and different.


Another favorite “s” of mine when it comes to spring fashion is skirts. A good denim skirt is a must-have for a darty, insane heat days, or a cute spring outfit for any occasion. I practically live in mine, and, not only does it look super cute with almost any outfit, but it also is the most comfortable thing ever for this spring and summer weather. There isn’t really much I’ve found that doesn’t look cute with a classic denim skirt, but I won’t speak too soon since some of the fashion choices I’ve seen on campus make me wonder. For real, though, a denim skirt is the best investment for spring and summer when it gets so hot that you wish you went to school literally anywhere but the swamp. The other best thing about a great skirt is that it doesn’t completely crawl up and give you the worst wedgie like most denim shorts. Speaking of which, when your shorts are pulled so far up and your butt is out, it’s  not a cute look at all. This spring, ditch the uncomfortable wedgie that shorts can give you and opt for a more practical denim skirt. I do have one exception when it comes to these, though. I get that you really feel like you can’t part with your winter-chic corduroy skirt. I’m here to tell you that you can and you should. Nothing looks more out of place than a skirt meant for warmth in winter when it’s hot outside, so leave them for next fall. As for good places to get them, I recommend Levi’s brand or any from Urban Outfitters; there’s tons of different styles, lengths, and washes so I’m sure anyone can find one that fits their style.


The most fun “s”of spring style is sunglasses. Even though I myself am very classic and boring, wearing my same aviator Ray-Bans for years, I love the funky sunglasses trend. I absolutely love the red-heart shaped ones. Adding a unique pair of sunglasses to any outfit always adds something fun, especially if you’re looking to take photos for a classic cherry blossom Instagram post. Even though there are no real sizes for sunglasses, there are better shapes for different face shapes. Don’t be that one person with giant, oversized sunglasses that just don’t look right. The other way that you can go wrong here is wearing sunglasses inside. DO NOT be this person! To whoever may do this, you don’t look cool or trendy. Find a better way to alleviate your hangover.


The last “s” of my spring style breakdown is sundresses. At the beginning of this year, I basically lived in all of my flowy dresses. They were all I could wear that made me feel like I wasn’t dying from heatstroke. Being able to throw on a cute, casual sundress in the middle of oppressive heat is the best feeling because, similar to a denim skirt, they’re cute, can be dressed in any way, and are incredibly comfortable. Even though I am not normally the biggest fan of patterns/prints, they always look so cute and summery on a good sundress. In my opinion, there’s not much that can go wrong with a sundress. They are the best thing to own for spring style as the D.C. weather turns to summer.


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