S(no)w More Sneakers

*Disclaimer: This is my comedic take on this, I do not mean direct offense at anyone*


Snow darty? Snarty? Snow dager? Regardless of what you call it, this snow day tradition is a great way to completely forget how absolutely freezing it is by getting daytime belligerent. As someone who has only had three snow days in her life, all of which were here, I love figuring out all the rituals for a snow day in college. But finding out the completely ridiculous ways some of you dress for it? Not so fun. So, here’s my guide for how to not look completely insane at the next darty on a snow day. We all know AU loves to close for negative amounts of snow but not a federal holiday!


First off, cleary not everyone got the message when I explained to all of you reading this, please don’t be that one person looking literally so stupid wearing thin, grimey sneakers in a full blown snow storm. Like I get it, you want to wear your go-to stained frat shoes, but it's SNOWING, come on, rain boots or snow boots are all you need, it’s not that hard. ...This may or may not be an @ to the person I had to lend my snow boots to, saving them from sneakers in the snow…


Also, I love how people just disregard the fact that it's a frat, like yes it is daytime so you can see all the sweaty, belligerent people in full daylight more clearly, BUT no reason to dress like you’re somewhere anywhere nicer than a frat, in completely freezing weather. The amount of cute clothes that most definitely got absolutely wrecked last snow darty is so avoidable. No matter how much more insta worthy you think every frat looks in the snow, put on some normal damn clothes. Frats do not pull a Cinderella in daylight, they don’t get any more cleaned up or put together.

Newsflash: your cute pic still has a literal shopping cart in the back, the only difference is it has snow on it. Real talk: what am I missing here like I get it, I am not from snow, I don’t fully get how it works, but HOW ARE YOU ALL NOT COLD??? Like you are standing outside in the snow in no clothes at all, how does one do this, please tell me, I would love to know. TBH it just looks so ridiculous when it's literally 2° outside and someone is wearing the most ripped jeans possible, like uhhh do you not see all the snow around you?? On top of that, I just don’t get why someone can’t dress cute in something that's relatively warm, because the amount of tank tops with barely there jackets for “warmth” I saw makes me shiver thinking about it. Regardless of what you end up wearing for the next snow darty, just remember, it's literally happening because of snow so please just dress accordingly...or at least something more than a tank top, fully ripped jeans, and sneakers.


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