Do Spring Break in Style

Spring Break is so soon and I don’t know about you all, but I literally couldn’t be more ready for it. I am so beyond excited to be going home to the magical Bay Area, where for a week I can actually walk outside and not have to wear a damn jacket or layers without freezing to death!

Sadly for many of you, rural New Jersey or whichever other boring state you’re from isn’t as thrilling as California and you’ve had to look elsewhere for places to spend break. For the lucky ones, some of you have found insanely enviable spring break destinations, and whether it be the beach, the snow, or just a road trip, here’s a complete-ish guide for what to wear based on whichever instagramable destination you’re going to.


For the tropical destinations: Regardless of whether it’s an exotic, beach paradise or a dumpy motel in Florida, a summery vacation destination isn’t complete without a killer bathing suit. Lately, I have been really into fancy aka risque one-pieces, which work so well for the beach, cringey vacation photo shoots, and can totally work as a top by just throwing on shorts or a skirt. Even though a nice brand one will cost an insane amount, the best time to find them super marked down is literally in the dead of winter. Over winter break, I was able to get a bikini top that’s normally around $85 for almost 50% off. If you don’t have a particular brand in mind, Nordstrom Rack (my fave!!) or Aerie especially have great deals on any kind of bathing suit all year round. Not gonna lie, I’m not the most adept or knowledgeable about men’s swimwear fashion but tbh as long as you aren’t that one guy who wears old gym/basketball shorts to the beach you’re doing great. For when you need to put actual clothes on, or at least be partially dressed, an easy pair of denim shorts is exactly the thing to throw on over your booze soaked bathing suit. I am obsessed with the comeback of Levi’s denim shorts, whether it’s the original ones or recycled versions like Urban Outfitters urban renewal styles, these are the cutest look with any warm weather outfit. With guys, most of the swim trunks you have can double as shorts, so just pick the not so insane looking ones to wear out in public. When it comes to shoes, I live in my Birkenstocks in warm weather and they are insanely comfortable so they are always my go to, and they work for both guys and girls.

For those of you who are actually insane and want to, for some reason, go somewhere to be EVEN COLDER during spring break, here’s a breakdown of some cute winter fashion you won’t fully freeze in. With a legal drinking age of 18, Montreal easily becomes so many people’s go to destination for a different (and legal) kind of partying break. First off, make sure you have a solid winter coat, like all of you who somehow survive with no jacket in the snow, this won’t fly in the full blown tundra up there. I’m sure though if you’re the type to be spending break in Montreal with friends, you’re the type to be able to be fully decked out in Moncler and/or Canada Goose, so I have to say I’m not too worried about your warmth. Since your alcohol isn't coming from some sketchy, dirty party, you are able to actually dress cute in a classy, bar/club way and have it be fully legal. My favorite winter going out look is a cute bodysuit with fun jeans, since you are at least semi-covered and can still look hella cute while not freezing to death. As for shoes, I am obsessed with the Chelsea boot style, you know the cute low ankle boots everyone seems to wear. For people still dying to wear heels, they make so many of that same style with a block heel so you’re not tripping around in the snow like a hot mess. Honestly, all that matters is that you’re able to (drunkenly) stumble through the snow in whatever it is you choose to wear.


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