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At TheMove, we’re dedicated to bringing our readers original and smartly narrated coverage of all aspects of college life in the DC area. We’re looking for talented writers with a unique voice, and a passion for their work and our mission. Past journalism experience is not required, but being a team player is. Given our outlet’s independence, we’re proud of the creative freedom we’re able to provide our team of writers.

We’re looking for writers interested in covering the following topics:​

  • Sports. We’re looking forward to expanding our coverage of college and professional sports in the DC area. This includes interviews with coaches, athletes, and covering a host of sporting events.

  • Fashion. Continuing our coverage of the latest fashion trends and fails. This includes interviews with DC trendsetters and visits to the hottest stores in town.

  • Investigations. We’ve never shied away from speaking truth to power. We’re looking for an all-star team committed to shining a light to some of the most critical issues facing students.

  • District/Events. At our core, TheMove is dedicated to providing our readers with what’s going on in DC. If you’re passionate about exploring our city and giving recommendations to others, we want you!

  • Social. We’ve garnered the reputation of being the “Gossip Girl of DC.” We’re looking for people who love keeping track of social trends keep track of who’s who on the DC college social scene.

  • Other. Feel like covering something we haven’t mentioned? Tell us what it is and why you would be uniquely able to do it.


Being a part of TheMove gives all of our staff members an opportunity to grow in whatever position they are fulfilling. By being a staff writer you will learn:


  • Teamwork

  • Work Ethic

  • Business Ethics

  • Journalism

  • Communications


If TheMove sounds like the work environment that you want to be a part of, and if you think you fit the qualities of our Staff Writier, apply now.


Since the start of our freshmen year in the fall of 2018, we noticed the social miscommunication among students in the district. Being freshmen in the capital, there are so many things that are offered but no platform that organizes it for college students. After becoming...


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