Summer Social Media Roundup

By Jessa Munis

It’s back-to-school season, and, trust me, I am as pissed as you that we have to leave the comfort of our own beds and the luxury of whatever tropical destination you jetted off to, to return to Federal Hall and TDR. Alas, we’re back on campus, longing for the days when we were in the sun. It’s no secret that AU Students are jet-setters. I mean, if you can afford the tuition, you can definitely afford zipping around the world this summer. Some of you guys were making me jealous with your vacation spots, so here’s a round-up of my favorite destinations.


Alyssa Bursie spent time in Niagara Falls, while Clare Mulroy was a few hours away in Quebec City, definitely a great spring break road trip destination.


Lara Hossino was spotted in Portugal showing off the beautiful architecture, and some cute outfits as well.


Carly Holencik spent some of her summer frolicking in the Swedish Flowers. Sweden is such an underrated destination.


More than a couple of you were spotted at music festivals, including Emma Noel at Osheaga in Montreal.


Kiran Waqar was the ultimate jet-setter spent the summer in Morocco and Spain capturing some of the most beautiful sights of both Africa and Europe.


So basically, I gotta get out more. I hope this list gives you inspiration for your next summer vacation!


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