Summer Photography Tips & Tricks

Want to jazz up your photos for the summer? Check out these tips on how to take underwater photos, photos with a rainbow, and more!


1.) Use Water Puddles to Create a Different Point-of-View

Instead of simply taking an eye-level picture of someone or something, use water to create a unique point of view. Pour water onto concrete or gravel to create a water puddle. The size and style of your puddle will depend on the subject. Once you have created a puddle, move the camera and yourself around the puddle until you get the perfect angle. You might have to squat or tilt your phone in order for the subject to fit properly into the photo. You will want to choose the ground and angle based on the style of photo you want. For example, in the photo shown here with the water tower, the gravel compliments the picture because the rock in the gravel makes it look like there are stars in the sky, providing for a nighttime setting even though this photo was taken during the day.

2.) Taking Photos Underwater

Taking photos underwater is a tricky process since the main goal is make sure the camera doesn’t get wet while trying to get your shot. However, you can easily work around that with one simple step. Although you can’t fully immerse your phone in water, if you use a clear cup or object and a self-timer, you will be able to capture underwater photos. Simply put your phone in a clear cup with the camera pointing towards the outside of the cup, put a self-timer on, and dip the cup into the water until only the top of the cup is out of the water, preventing the phone from getting destroyed. If set up correctly with the proper angle, you will be able to successfully take pictures of people underwater without dropping $80+ on a Lifeproof case.


3.) Leading Lines & Complementing Colors

Summertime is full of bright colors that can be used to complement your photos. Take advantage of shapes and lines by angling your camera so that the lines lead to your subject, making the picture more visually appealing by having the individual aspects complement each other. If you know what the colors of the setting in which you will be taking photos are, plan ahead and wear an outfit that has contrasting or complimentary colors so that you stand out. In the photo to the left, all of the colors compliment each other, and the rail as well as the lines at the bottom of the building all lead the viewer’s eye to focus on the subject.

4.) Props & Lighting

The last way to provide your pictures with a unique flare is through the use of props. By holding props or having props in the background, you can end up with a more interesting photo. For example, if you are at the beach, you could use bikes and palm trees as props in the photo with the palm trees serving as leading lines to the subject.

You can also use props behind the photo that will enhance the lighting. You can use a suncatcher to portray a rainbow into a photo by angling it in a way that cast a rainbow on the subjects face. If it is sunny or you have a flashlight, you can use a strainer or anything that has holes similar to a strainer to cast dots onto the object of the photo. Put the strainer between the camera and the subject, making sure you don’t get it in the fram, and you angle it until it is casting dots onto the subject in the manner which you would like. You can also experiment with objects in your house that have different shapes or patterns cut out in them to cast different types of lighting patterns onto the subject.


In addition to these tips and tricks on how to achieve unique photos, you can also check out my articles on editing and special effects. By combining all of these tips and tricks, you can achieve the best summer photos in any setting.

Courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson

Courtesy of Anna Grace Johnson


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