Summer Swimsuit Styles

As the weather heats up and summer gets tantalizingly close, here are some more cringes’ items for all the hot swimsuit styles.


Now that it is officially the season of frat beach formals and ocean getaways, it also becomes summer swimsuit season, so we back to my theme of the letter ‘s.’ The best part about how trendy swimsuits have become is that there are so many styles for any body type other than the standard bikini. With tons of styles, brands, colors, and designs, swimsuit season is one of the best times to try out new trends no matter how ridiculous they may seem.

One of the most underrated places to get any kind of swimsuit is Target. With so many options that look exactly like brand name styles, Target is one of the best places to start your summer swimsuit search. Also, for something like a swimsuit, where you’re only wearing it seasonally, and it not even being real clothing (even though some of you may think otherwise) Target is so much cheaper than most brand names. The best part is Target has no shame in copying the trendiest new swimsuit styles, so you can really get an exact copy of any hot new style, but for so much less and honestly the same quality too.

Another one of the best places for a cute, quality swimsuit is American Eagle’s Aerie line. With 50% off almost all the time, they have great styles for every body type. Since part of their philosophy is body positivity, they have the best ad campaigns too; ones where you don’t feel like you’re looking at porn when you’re just trying to shop. My favorites from them are the one-pieces, which are super cute and fun, and are probably the same ones you have been seeing all over Instagram in some staged beach pics. Their high cut styles and different coverage options are made to actually be flattering, not just look like an ill-fitting Baywatch costume.

Even though I’m not normally one to support the bougie, overrated option for any fashion trend, I do love Frankies Bikinis. These are the fancy, itty-bitty swimsuits you see all over the Instagram of every “influencer,” and on everyone at Coachella. Even though they are insanely overpriced for getting the tiniest scrap of fabric, if you plan out your swimsuit shopping to the middle of winter, you can always find their last season styles for so much less. Also, if you’re going to have one cute swimsuit for your perfect vacation photoshoot, this is the one. With their cute patterns, designs, and styles, these are the best #Instaworthy swimsuits that are still semi-affordable.

As for actual styles of swimsuits, I am super into funky one-pieces lately. Whether it’s cutouts, crochet, straps, or plunges, a cute one-piece is the best style of swimsuit to try a crazy trend with. My one warning with these is to not try and tan in any swimsuit with weird patterns because, trust me, the tan lines that come out of it are the absolute worst. Another swimsuit style I have been into lately is just a basic bralette-style top, one with a bandeau fit and straps for a comfortable and secure bikini top that can go with any bottoms. When it comes to swimsuit bottoms, anything goes as long as the color/pattern semi matches your top, and your bottoms have enough fabric to them that they aren’t a complete thong.

For my limited knowledge of men’s swimsuit fashion, I love all the cute, fun prints they always seem to have, and they usually look good as long as they don’t look like a pair of boxers. Luckily, men are blessed with plain swim trunks as their swimsuit fashion norm so as long as it isn't a pair of droopy old basketball shorts, you’re set.  


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