Sweatshirt Style

By Ella Seltzer

The hallmark of any classic “comfy cute” look is the almighty sweatshirt. This once functional piece of outerwear has now transformed into a center of comfy and fashionable outfits alike. Although not as extreme as Ariana Grande’s use of the oversized sweatshirt look as a whole dress, one of the most common and reliably cute looks right now is the sweatshirt as the outfit vibe.  


In my own take of “Overheard at AU,” some overheard fashion tips inspired me for exactly what not to do. Hearing someone actually say, “I love when the sweatshirt is the whole outfit. I don’t get anything less than an XL” outloud not only made me laugh, but realize exactly how the cute sweatshirt trend so often goes wrong. 


Maybe it is my personal fear of long clothing swallowing me in my short height, but purposefully buying anything long or extra-oversized is not in my wheelhouse. I do however know that when I see someone wearing a purposefully gigantic sweatshirt, usually over leggings, it makes what was a cute, simple look into something that looks like you just rolled out of bed. We of course all have those days where that is exactly the comfort vibe we are going for, which is fine, but when you actually want the sweatshirt to be cute and a part of the outfit, bulky and oversized is not doing it. Save the oversized, long-over-leggings look for a sweater, which is actually made to be large, instead of a sweatshirt bought bigger than needed for the look. 


Instead of the hugely swallowing sweatshirt outfit, I love the cropped sweatshirt look right now. 


As a personal fan of anything cropped, adding a whole sweatshirt to that mix not only helps me in terms of warmth, but as a top I can throw on with basically anything and still make it a cute outfit. Also, for those days where the weather makes it suddenly fall again, these cropped sweatshirts make for a lighter version of a heavier, warmer full size/length sweatshirt. Even though I usually wear them as my whole outfit, you can always use them as layering for another shirt under, but still takes away from the whole bulky situation. Right now, my cropped black sweatshirt from Aritzia, paired with literally anything, makes for my favorite and most versatile outfit at the moment. With tons of different versions like a gathered, elastic bottom or a rough cut, or even hand-cut unfinished bottom, any type makes the best kind of sweatshirt-look with cute top vibes for an outfit. 


The cropped sweatshirt is not only super versatile, but also practically everywhere at any store. In my personal, extensive collection, I have several from Urban Outfitters, where they make a very popular hooded cropped one in tons of colors. I also have an Adidas one which I love, since it has sleeve detailing to really make it “the whole outfit.” Aritzia has their own styles of the cropped sweatshirt which I am obsessed with, as cute with leggings or jeans, and actually warm. Even if you do just want a normal sweatshirt to make the outfit, there are tons of brands that do great sweatshirt colors or designs that, even if full length, make for a cute but simple outfit. Sweatshirt style has easily become my favorite look recently, amazing for the versatility and comfort, but less amazing for my closet space and bank account for sure.


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